Panel Discussion – Wellbeing & Work-Life-Balance

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The panel discussion held on 26th May on a topic relevant since time immemorial could not have made with had a better impact than during the covid-19 triggered pandemic. Westford University College organized the Panel Discussion for a wide fraternity of audience that included its undergraduate & MBA students as well as its employees, alumni, and well-wishers.

Rajeev Daswani, a serial entrepreneur, and transformative Conscious Leadership Coach, founder, and Chief Happiness Officer kickstarted the panel discussion with a poll that triggered and connected with the audience:

Which of the following has affected you the most during the current pandemic?

  • Finance
  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Family and Connection
  • Work & Career

An overwhelming 38% voted for “Personal Wellbeing” followed closely by 29% voting for the other option- “family and connection”.

Melanie Lapointe, the second panelist, founder of Blooming Eloquence shared her experience in creating sustainable organizations that dwelled upon happiness and productivity. Melanie emphasized IKIGAI (a Japanese philosophy to live in harmony with our passions while fulfilling our purpose), positive visualization of the day ahead, intentions and mantras to regain control of the present moment; mindfulness to respond with calmly instead of reacting with an emotional outburst, and to embrace a career that is fulfilling and serving the greater good.

The third panelist, Alejandra Murillo, a renowned health, and happiness coach shared her insights on how meditation and other measures to keep oneself healthy can promote positive wellbeing and productivity. Alejandra appreciated the initiative, “It was an honour to be part of this great initiative, I salute Westford University for including this relevant topic in their programs and I wish many more universities and organizations would follow the same positive example. Thank you to all organizers and people involved in this event.”

Overall, this event was a huge success as the topics discussed by the panelists resonated with the audience. This could be seen with the large volume of questions that poured in along with very candid confessions by the attendees. The post event feedback was positive and heartening as well. We intend to carry forward insightful discussions on topics similar to wellbeing and work life balance on other platforms as well.

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