Perfect Work-Life-Study balance with part time MBA programs for working professionals in UAE

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part-time MBA programs gives students an opportunity to continue working and upgrade their educational qualification, without compromising on work or their financial earning.

Do your research to comprehend the cycle of the MBA program. You can begin by slowly incorporating the MBA program into your schedule once you have the details of the modules. In case the courses offered are unfamiliar, foundation courses are available to ease out the process.  It is also important to get yourself organized. There are a lot of ways to achieve this, with the advancement in technology organizing oneself is quite easy through various mobile and web based application that will help maintain a good balance of various tasks throughout the day. Keeping energy level high is equally important, it can be very challenging especially with work and family commitments.

Remember that the changes you are making to attend a part-time MBA program will influence other notable individuals in your life. It is very important to have sincere conversation about these before enrolling and throughout the program. It is crucial that your reporting manager and colleagues are made aware of the changes in your time and availability prior to starting the program.

Committing yourself to a part-time MBA can be challenging and hence maintaining your health and staying active is paramount. For instance, exercising, maintaining a healthy diet, ensuring adequate sleep are all key to help you maintain a consistently efficient and effective lifestyle. Set a few minutes aside for your support system like your family, friends and other personal networks.

The significant part of the part time MBA offered by Westford University College is that, the learners have the option to do the MBA from Westford University College in different platforms like the onsite weekend classes or online weekly classes. This will enable the working professionals to manage their work life balance. In any case, the commitment in line with any degree program comes back to time management and being organized.

Westford student Mr. Tambudzai Martha Tisibele a Zimbabwe national, shares  his MBA journey, “Being able to study whilst working helps keep my career in motion. This means I am able to keep up with new trends in the industry and also apply relevant situations to my studies if need be.I am able to apply what l learn in class immediately at work, which gives my lessons more meaning, so l could consider the workplace as a lab, where l experiment lessons learnt. The flexibility is a major plus, life goes on whilst studying.”

Another student Mr. Uravshi Baruah, an Indian National says, “Doing a part-time MBA has helped me strike a balance between my professional and personal life. Especially Westford MBA is designed in such a way that you can give your best to your studies without compromising your professional or personal commitments. The MBA has also helped me get back to work after I have taken break to have a baby. I would recommend Westford part time to everyone who would like to pursue study juggling a career and a family life.”

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