Corporate HR Policies and Procedures for Employees

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The primary concern for creating Human Resource management policies is that the goals are achieved by the combined working of executives and HR professionals. Instead of making combined decisions HR department should be given authority to make decisions based on analysis and strategies. It is essential for the organization to take the right people for achieving profits for the company. For this, a dedicated Human Resource Management team should be there for identifying the goals of the company. In small and medium-sized companies the person concerned with Hr should do these duties. Creating policies helps in eliminating preparation of guidelines at a workplace.

The policies and procedures an HR professional make should comply with the laws applicable to the area. Any laws related to wages must be considered while fixing the minimum wages for the workers at the company. It is also essential to note down the laws related to overtime work. The lab our laws concerning disputes also should be taken into consideration for solving internal issues among employees.

Framing of the policies helps the organization to create the manuals for working inside the company. Any doubts regarding working hours, payment issues and safety measures can easily check through these policies if prepared in advance. It also helps the employer an assurance of the safe working environment prevailed inside the factory.

All the procedures that are followed by the company regarding the recruitment process can be evaluated quickly if HR management prepares it. How are the vacancies filled and how the promotion is given to the deserved employees can have a basis if the HR procedure regarding recruitment and promotion are prepared?

Human Resource Management

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