Post-Covid; Face of Education

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Now and Tomorrow-The Lessons We Learn

Each crisis is accompanied by profound challenges and transformative opportunities. COVID-19 has impacted the Middle East higher education sector, as have other parts of the world; however, its scope and ambition remain unchanged. The crisis amongst many other things has tested the resilience of the higher education institutions, but profoundly reshaped the management of learning, education, skill development, leading to a rethinking of perspectives and approaches within the education sector.

Key challenges during Covid-19

  • Technical difficulties.
  • Disrupted schedules.
  • Substantial delays.
  • Struggling to adapt.
  • Fair evaluation.

While the abrupt overhaul of learning styles has come with its fair share of obstacles, it has also managed to open the door to new opportunities.

  • Free Online Courses
  • Remote teaching/Learning
  • Reaching students via Social media
  • Unique learning experience

The adaptation process of the “the new normal” of learning has been challenging; however, the learning curve has kicked in and there is broad acceptance for blended learning as an option to deliver learning content. The current circumstances where there is greater acceptance of online formats have allowed these universities to explore opportunities in various disciplines. Students can benefit from these offerings from the comfort of their home at reasonable prices.

Within the region’s educational spectrum, two interesting trends have emerged:

  • Due to the vast array of choices of local students and the fact that the UAE has been considered a safe and healthy destination, several local and expatriate students are considering staying back and studying in the UAE.
  • Also, as EdTech has emerged as the most efficient delivery method, not only can the locals benefit from it, but a contrarian trend among international students is also to choose Dubai because of the safety and health reasons and because the Immigration department of UAE has started issuing student visas.

Although the UAE, among other countries, has been considering changes in education for some years, Covid-19 has required the country to take the first steps into a future they had been planning to build more gradually. Governments can leverage this experience to develop and enhance distance and lifelong learning platforms. As people learn individually, systems may become more personalized,focusing on the unique needs and interests of each student.

Short and long-term prospects for the education system in the United Arab Emirates:

  • New directives, regulations and platforms will be created in response to the high demand for distance learning. It is already clear that startups in the education technology sector are benefiting, as more and more students are now turning to online learning.
  • As out-of-classroom learning becomes more widespread students and parents will become more involved in designing both learning tools and the teaching curriculum.
  • Schools may need less physical space because cohorts of students can access buildings on a rolling system throughout the day.

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