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DBA Program

Futurizing the enterprise has become the topmost priority for the organizational think tank. The necessity to negotiate with the disruptive forces emerging out of the hyper volatility of the global economy has transformed the organizational demand for responsive leadership and managerial talents. Therefore, the evolution of a new breed of corporate leaders having forward- thinking ability on analyzing the impact of globalization and adapting pro- active responsive strategies has become the topmost talent acquisition priority of progressive and ambitious organizations in this pandemic ridden business world.

The growing demand for Management & Leadership Professionals with impeccable professional quotients are accelerating, who can align the future with the evolving industry and social dynamics and design the growth agenda.

All professionals are measured through their Professional Quotients (PQs) which refer to behaviors and qualities in terms of cutting edge thinking and competencies like the ability to futurize the organization by leading transformative changes and to manage the organization-wide initiatives to secure sustainable competitive advantage and profitability.

Westford-UCAM Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) degree program is designed to meet the needs of both fully employed, experienced management professionals and full-time students to immerse into indelible learning and research journey to experience and to develop applied research skills to climb up to the higher echelons of corporate management and be a member of significance in organizational think tank who can design viable and cutting edge solutions through critical and strategic thinking with a creative and growth-orientedmindset.

The hallmark of Westford DBA is lying with its course design elements which highlight the following elements:

  • Learning the various contemporary management theories through knowledge dissemination through taught modules
  • Transforming the skills by immersing into applied research to resolve organizational issues and challenges
  • Leading through strategic thinking and impeccable decision making in volatile and complex dynamics

It is exclusively designed to give program graduates the following cutting edge professional skills to act as a differentiator between mediocrity and higher achiever:

  • Developing the knowledge on issues and challenges in contemporary management areas, analytical capability through strategic thinking, planning in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) environment to lead an organization in adapting, evolving, and learning in a dynamic global economy to effectively address 21st-century challenges
  • Managing multiple stakeholders by fostering 360-degree collaboration, creative thinking, strategic communication, and adaptability in helping organizations excel in a changing business landscape
  • Incorporate and integrate long term global perspective in decision- making and analyze the impact of those interventions

No wonder, Westford DBA program upskill a student into a comprehensive, all-inclusive researcher, a minority percentage of world corporate leaders, which can exponentially enhance their PQ into niche cutting edge careers. Westford-DBA offers a wide spectrum of cutting-edge career choices for professional growth and sustainability

A representative sample of the DBA-Career outlook is given below for a snapshot view of Career choices. The below list is indicative and certainly not exhaustive

Source: 50 Best Online PhD Business Administration [2022 Guide] (mydegreeguide.com)

1. Top Level Leadership Positions as popularly known as C-suite executives, including the CEO, COO, CIO, CTO, CXO, CFO, CHRO, and CMO, are responsible for setting direction, including determining and/or implementing initiatives and leading seniormanagement.

2. Management Consultant/Investment Banker: Management Consultants are paid to diagnose the organizational problem, challenge or opportunity and provide strategic advice and help in designing organizational action plans and initiatives to align business goals and results. Investment Bankers are entrusted to analyze the economic viability and design the capital structure, designing financial instruments and organizing financialresources.

3. Management Analyst: Analysts helps the organization through assessment of business situations, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and impending or probable threats to recommend improvements and solutions to help increase organizational performance and gain competitiveadvantage.

4. Senior Managers & Corporate Leaders: These professionals play a catalytic role between top management and middle management by understanding organizational goals and creatively aligning human and other organizational resources to influence behavior, action and achieve businessresults.

5. Academic Professional, Corporate Trainer – College and University Professors better known as Higher education faculty members who play a major role in curriculum planning, developing, and delivering. Corporate Trainer design and delivers training solutions for creating next-generation leaders

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