Quantitative and Qualitative Decision making Process

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There are two methods MBA professionals adopt for solving problems. The qualitative and quantitative approach is being used for this and the former is depended on the MBA professionals talents and abilities whereas the latter is a formal method. Using mathematical and analytical methods MBA professionals reach the conclusion and build strategies based on these methods.

For a qualitative approach to become successful the managers need to have experience in conducting the analysis. Solving dispute etc are done through the qualitative approach in organizations. Only those managers who have an intuitive feeling over the method in which decisions are made will have the power to reach the right decisions. In qualitative methods reasons for the problems are analyzed better.

Managers without much experience rely on quantitative approach for solving problems. However, there is a disadvantage to this problem as only measurable things can find out using this method. For decisions regarding how the resources should be allocated within a company or how the materials are utilized in a particular time frame can be found out using quantitative methods. One of the problems associated with quantitative analysis is that if any variable is missing it will affect the result in a lot of ways. In a quantitative method, close monitoring needs to be done about what all factors are taken into account.

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