Qualities to look for in a candidate to assess their caliber in 2022

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It is common knowledge in the field of Human Resource Management in any business, particularly in the recruiting and talent acquisition process, to employ someone with the proper skills and attitude. Once a qualified applicant has been found, the procedure requires determining the particular characteristics of the applicants that would make them a good match for the company.

With the growing need of employers to gain a crucial competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting top-quality candidates there is a much sharper focus on the value of talent and how can talent have a direct impact on culture, productivity, performance, reputation, and customer satisfaction. Hiring poor candidates can have a detrimental impact on the organization.

Here are some of the most and recent important qualitiesof the applicant that must be considered:

1. Embrace change and exhibit adaptability:

The shift to remote work and the emotional upheaval that is accompanied by the pandemic has been the defining factor since we have settled into these times without precedence. The recruiter needs to analyze if the candidate is a learner and can adjust to any environment or role quickly and effectively. Whether the candidate is self-motivated to explore and embrace contemporary trends, routines and technology are also important.

2. Keeping DEI on top of the mind:

While diversity, equality and inclusion may have been previously cast as more of a corporate level initiative overlooking the opportunity for individuals. The increased awareness around the importance of anti-racist and inclusive leadership has helped right-size this perspective — but it is still a skill set that is often left out of the hiring assessment

3. Focus on Outcomes and not just Product:

It is less about the process and more about the outcome. While the ability to create successful execution and predictable delivery are essential qualities the main goal of a candidate is to focus on the process and outcome rather than the product shipment and deliveries.

4. Leadership Skills:

It can be applied at any degree irrespective of the title that they will have. It is an important skill to have because a great leader is capable to make out the best abilities in his/her future team members and motivating them to work together in achieving a shared goal.

5. Communication and People Skills:

These skills are identified as the top important skills in 2021 every organization must look for an applicant who can work well with others. These skills will help any applicant to succeed in almost any job;to help and understand other people and adjust their approach to work together effectively

6. Resiliency skills:

This is simply defined as “The ability to resist, absorb and recover from, or successfully adapt to, adversity or change’. We have seen how important this skill was during this pandemic. More and more company are recognizing the importance of these skills.

7. Dependability and a Strong Work Ethic:

It is important to look for a dependable employee so applicants should prove dependability, responsibility, and consistency in their work performance.

A combination of hard skills and soft skills makes aligned to the company’s goals helps us define the right candidate.

Some of the attributes listed above come easily to individuals, whether it is true self-confidence or innate academic talent. The idea is that practice, dedication, and stepping outside your comfort zone may help you develop and refine all of these skills. Apart from the applicant’s soft skills, additional factors such as appropriate work experience, education, training, technological savvy, and other specialized factors about the job positions should be evaluated. A candidate with a combination of the above traits and abilities is extremely appealing to a potential employer and someone they would hire first thing in the morning!

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