Research and Leadership Bootcamp- MBA Decoded

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Westford University College organized a Research Boot Camp – Masters-Decoded exclusively for its Abertay University MBA students at the Al Zahia Campus. The main aim of this boot camp was to empower the students to unleash their research potential. The Boot Camp consisted of four insightful sessions that covered various aspects of research and its application in the business world.

The first session was on “Choosing a suitable research methodology” by Dr. Ehsan Jorat who is a Senior Lecturer at Abertay University leading the Civil and Environmental Engineering program. This session focused on the importance of choosing a good research methodology and the importance of aligning the right research method with the student’s research topic. He also stressed the fact that students should ideally opt for a project that challenges them and allows for practical learning experiences.

The second session was delivered by our very own DBA Alumni Dr. Olaf Peterson. He delved into the process of identifying research gaps within an industry. His session highlighted the significance of conducting thorough research to identify areas where there is a lack of existing knowledge or solutions. Participants learned how to identify these gaps and utilize them as opportunities for further research.

Leadership and team building is an essential aspect of any successful organization. The third session of the Boot Camp focused on this crucial area. Titled “Leadership & Team Building Activity,” the session was delivered by Prof. Zawahir Sidique and Prof. Alan Lukose Dean and Assistant Dean of Westford University College. This was a fun-filled session that aimed to enhance participants’ leadership skills and foster teamwork. Through various interactive activities and group exercises, participants learned about effective leadership strategies and the importance of building strong and cohesive teams.

The final session of the Boot Camp was a Colloquium -which was attended by 3 Alumni Mohamad Tayyara, Syeda Aiman Rizvi and Nijood Zarefa. The session was moderated by the Assistant Dean & Abertay Program Leader Dr. Bindu Nair. The session delved into various aspects of the alumni’s research journeys, focusing on topics such as how they chose their research topics and the challenges they faced along the way. Each alumnus shared their unique experiences and perspectives, providing valuable insights into the research process and the determination required to navigate through obstacles.

Mohamad Tayyara spoke about the importance of selecting a research topic that truly resonates with one’s interests and passions, while Syeda Aiman Rizvi emphasized the significance of perseverance and resilience in overcoming challenges. Nijood Zarefa shared her experiences of balancing research commitments with other responsibilities and highlighted the importance of time management and organizational skills in achieving research goals. The session served as a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned, inspiring current and future researchers to pursue their academic endeavours with dedication and enthusiasm. Overall, the research colloquium was a great success in fostering a sense of community among Abertay University alumni and providing valuable insights into the research process to the current students.

The research Boot Camp offered participants a highly enriching and advantageous experience. Across four sessions, a diverse array of subjects was explored, spanning from the significance of research in business to hands-on research methodologies and leadership capabilities.

In summary, the research Boot Camp proved to be a thorough and enlightening program that enabled attendees to leverage the potential of research fully. Participants acquired a deeper comprehension of how research drives innovation and acquired practical abilities to execute effective research. Additionally, it served as a valuable platform for networking among peers, facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences. Ultimately, the Boot Camp succeeded in equipping participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their research endeavors.

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