Role of Procurement Manager in an Organization

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Purchasing of materials and products for use and reselling needs care and because of this Procurement manager plays an important role in an organization. The main duty of procurement manager is about planning to coordinate and dealing with buyers and purchasing departments in various organizations. It is the duty of procurement manager to make sure that his organizations get the best products and services. The following things explain the role of procurement manager in an organization.

Secured Purchase

The major role of procurement manager involves doing an analysis of the market for getting the best deals available. Acquiring the products for the best price available is coming under the duty of procurement manager. Different suppliers are contacted and the prices and quality of the products are compared before making a purchase by the procurement manager. It is the responsibility of the purchase manager to raise purchase orders after checking the stock in the company.

Supplier Evaluation

Well before the purchasing is made the suppliers must be evaluated by the procurement manager. Attending and participating in trade fairs is essential for gaining exposure to various suppliers related to the market. While choosing suppliers the procurement manager should make sure that the products are available at the appropriate time in appropriate quantity at the appropriate place.

Data Management

It is the duty of a procurement manager to maintain the records concerning the purchase of materials. All the data must be updated regularly for making the operations of the accounts department easy. The price and quantity of the products in store and that need to be ordered should be available at hand for cross-checking before purchasing.

Procurement Management

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