Significance of Personality for Executives in Companies

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Personality is bonded to the skills and aptitudes of executives in various departments inside an organization. Not all executives can become a leader who motivates his subordinates or a good customer relation specialist. Companies are giving more important nowadays to fill in the vacancies for competent executives based on personalities.

Various personality testing methods are used in business organization for finding the top executives in the company. Many of the personality testing tools available in the market helps employers to find compatible candidates for the particular position in the company. Personality tests help companies to quantitatively measure the talents of the candidates and gives an extra edge for selection from multiple candidates with same qualifications.

Executives in the company are categorized mainly into four types of personalities and in certain cases, a combination or subtype can occur. While choosing candidates action-oriented executives who are focused on the objectives generally become successful. Personalities with social abilities are usually dynamic in nature and they motivate and communicate with fellow employees. Executives with supportive personalities usually can be depended on and will be adaptable to change. People with analytical skills usually are competent in finding data extraction and rely on processing the information to find solutions for complex problems.

Each of the personality traits has their own positive as well as negative traits. Emotional intelligence also plays a critical role in the business organization which is related to personality. The personality of an individual is mostly an inborn behaviour but emotional intelligence helps in managing the emotions of the self in specific situations. Most skills can be improved through training programs whereas personality traits determine the performance level in a particular job.

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