Six Box Model Organizational Development for Management Professionals

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The Six Box Model in Organizational Development is a framework formed for the assessment of the functioning of organizations. As it is a framework majority of organizations can adapt to the six box model for organization development. All the steps of six box model of organization development depend upon assumptions and techniques which are studied based on different organizations. This model visualizes organizations in a particular way concentrating on the structure and design of the organization.

Areas such as planning incentives and rewards are concentrated more and the role of supportive areas such as competitions and standardization of remuneration are dealt in detail in six box model of organization development. The following are the major areas concerning six box model of organization development

Purpose – This component of six box model of organization development describes the purpose for which the business exists. What are the nature of the business and the category in which the company runs are depicted in this section?

Structure – This section usually describes the organizational structure and hierarchy. What kind of work is assigned to each individual and departments are explained in this box. How the duties inside the organizations are divided are explained in this section in detail.

Relationships – Conflicts between employees develop inside every organization. How the conflicts are managed and how the coordination between employees are enhanced is described in this section. Methods involving the factors that increase cooperation between employees are described in this section.

Rewards – Major incentives given to employees and details about compensation is given under this section of organization development plan. At what stages employees are rewarded and what are the criteria for them are explained in this section

Leadership – How the balance between the criteria of the five other boxes aligned with the company policies is described in this section. Who is responsible for coordinating and balancing the five boxes and the skills needed to lead others are explained in this section.

Helpful Mechanism – Under this section the technologies which are used as well as the mechanisms used are described.

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