Factors Affecting Marketing in Travel and Tourism

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Marketing in Tourism is completely different from the marketing of services in other areas. This is due to the fact that the customer usually avails a varied amount of services and at the end of services there will not be any product delivered. Due to these, factors that contribute to everlasting memories need to be conveyed to the customer. The following things are coming under the Eight P’s concerned with the marketing of tourism.

1. Products
Various amenities that is used during travel will come under products as far as tourism marketing is concerned. Breakfast that is given free with a tour package and internet facility gave free of charge can also be categorized into this.

2. Price
It has been found that if marketed properly the price seems to have lesser importance. Adding discounts and adding more features are also done for the price for the products to make the travel plans more attractive.

3. Promotions
Usually, promotion involves a target and it should be appealing to the people being targeted. The communication method and promotional content cost need to be covered in the price.

4. Places
The location where the customer is staying and availing the services is called a place in tourism marketing. It is the duty of the tour operator to direct the people to the appropriate place where a maximum sale can be done.

5. People
The people who avail the services in the tourism industry is playing a vital role in tourism marketing. Tour operators should impress the people to get repeated services.

6. Planning
The expectations of the customer need to be met through the proper planning process. All the elements that involve the customer’s interaction need to be planned in detail to avoid complications.

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