Steps You Need to Implement for a Successful Career in Fashion Designing

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Career in Fashion Designing

UAE has been the hub for arts and design in the Gulf region. It is where most of the big names in the fashion industry operate their businesses whether fashion designers or global and local brands name it, it’s in here.  Huge malls, leisure and recreational places open doors for fashion enthusiasts to enjoy the feeling of dressing up and shopping all in one place.

A lot of activities, events, and product launches happen all year round in this country, and that is why it is a perfect place where creative minds in fashion can start their journey strategically. But the question is, what does it take to be a successful fashion designer? And what are the steps and processes in place to consider beginning one’s journey? Below are the steps and tips to be able for someone to pursue their dreams and land a successful career in fashion design.

1. Get inspired by having a creative and artistic mindset and put it through a visual mood board.

Being in the fashion industry it is a must to always be inspired with a diversity of creative ideas. Ideas that always pop out within one’s environment, activities, and even personal life experiences. Always be open to translating it into reality by having an open mindset that anything is possible and even the lamest idea can be a showstopping concept that you can produce. Inspirations are everywhere, from music to movies, to nature, everywhere you can pull it off. Gather them together and create an artistic mood board that summarizes all the mind-blowing concepts you have in mind. It is the blueprint of your design.

2. Learn the basics of fashion and trends

Before diving into the technicalities of fashion design, start by exposing yourself to the world of fashion trends. Expand your horizon into various kinds of styles, be aware and you must have the fundamental knowledge of fashion history that will allow you to transition fashion styles from the past, present and the future. Collect magazines, read fashion blogs, and follow trends from social media posts like Instagram, Pinterest, and others. Understanding the trends in fashion will equip you to come up with great ideas to start building your creative design that will open the door for putting up your future capsule collection.

3. Attend fashion and networking events.

Browsing online and reading magazines is okay, but experiencing fashion is always better when you do it in a physical realm and a real event scenario. Fashion is one of the most well-attended events globally. From the red carpets of the Oscars, Met Gala, and Cannes, from the glamorous Fashion Week in London, Paris, Milan, New York, and Dubai name it, you have lots of options. Attending events such as this will expand your horizon and will allow you to be connected with the big names in the industry. It will widen your ideas and will create a more diverse inspiration in designing your collection.

4. Collaborate with other fashion crew.

Collaboration is the key to success in every industry. For fashion, collaborating with various experts such as fashion photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and creative directors will bring the best out of one’s style. As a designer, you will allow yourself to create something beautiful with the help of other geniuses in the industry. These people will also be your networks and connections for other opportunities locally and globally. Building bridges and not walls in this industry is a must as this is a powerful tool for both the creative landscape and the business side of fashion.

5. Be mentored and become a fashion intern.

Learning from industry experts is always an advantage. In the ever-growing fashion scene, being mentored by someone who has lots of experience will create a huge impact on someone’s budding career. Open oneself to learn from fashion designers who have been there and have done that. Be humble and create a space for learning. Even the smallest kind of task will be beneficial for you. From sketching basic fashion illustrations to stitching buttons, doing beadwork, and styling the look for a collection and fashion show, all of this will be a great learning curve for someone who wants to have a successful career in fashion. It’s not about looking down on oneself because of being an assistant but it’s more about allowing oneself to start from humble beginnings towards greater success in the future.

6. Create your style and embrace your voice

Gathering all your experiences from people and the environment, it is now time for you to have your voice in the design sphere. Be unique, by creating your signature look and style when you create your sketches and garment pieces. Make it a point that your audience will easily identify your design aesthetic every time they see your work. Every designer’s goal is to reach the point that their work is something to be memorable to the consumers. It is a designer’s dream to be called the master of his/her craft. By creating a signature style, it allows a designer to build his/her creative universe of mind-blowing designs.

In conclusion, apart from the main key points offered above, to have a successful career in fashion designing, you can start with formal education to learn essential skills and industry knowledge, and focus on developing creativity, sketching, and pattern-making abilities while staying updated on trends and technologies. It is also important to gain practical experience through internships and build a diverse portfolio to impress potential employers or clients.  Along with networking with industry professionals, and attending events, it is recommended you establish an online presence for branding. Seek work experience through entry-level positions or freelancing and stay adaptable to evolving styles and challenges. Conduct market research to understand the audience and demands, and above all, embrace persistence to achieve long-term success in the fashion industry.

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