Student Volunteer Trip to KinderHut International Indonesia

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As a part of our initiative to collaborate with organizations to drive our student volunteering programs, Westford networked with KinderHut International in June 2014. Six months later, in January 2015, we endeavored a journeythat gifted a life-changing experience to our students who spent a week in Indonesia as a part of the International Volunteering Trip.

KinderHut International is a non-profit organization headquartered in Dubai and founded by a group of doctors to serve in the cause of orphaned and destitute children. Following the devastating Tsunami in 2004, KinderHut project was set up in Indonesia to provide shelter and hope for the children who lost their families.

Unlike conventional orphanages, KinderHut came up with a noble and innovative concept. KinderHut is a unique project where children who lost their families during Tsunami are sheltered in homes with mothers who lost their children. This unique atmosphere is different from the conventional orphanages. They provide food, clothing, education, medical care and recreational facilities.

Westford student volunteers spent a week with these gifted children, mothers and support staff at KinderHut in Indonesia. Our volunteers were involved in various endeavors like teaching Mathematics, English and IT; coaching on painting, football, volleyball; assisting in administrative tasks to help the office automation converting documents into electronic format; engaging the mothers in counseling and sharing ideas, and loads of other fun filled activities.

Despite the hectic journey from Dubai to Jakarta and further up to Banda Aceh, our volunteers spent sleepless nights working passionately to contribute in the best ways they could. They bonded so well with the children that many of them preferred to stay awake on the eve of the volunteers bidding adieu.

The key learning for our volunteers included teamwork, organizing skills, adapting skills, empathizing and internalizing with the trauma that the children went through post Tsunami. They returned with life-changing experiences and they continued to interact with the children virtually.

 Names of the Volunteers:

  1. Ahmed
  2. Mila
  3. Ashwitha
  4. Azham
  5. Arshad
  6. Zawahir


Some light moments shared by Westford University College volunteers with the kids

International volunteering trip for students

Kinder Hut family welcoming Volunteers from Westford University College

Voluntering trip to Indonesia

Teaching kids the importance of teamwork through their favorite sport

Internation volunteer trip with Westford University College in UAE

Art and Craft training to the kids by our volunteers Ahmed and Ashwitha

Internation vounteer trip to Indonesia by Westford University College

Drawing session with the Volunteers

Vounteering trip as part of studies

Local Indonesian girl singing a Bollywood song

Vounteering as part of studies at Westoford University College

Fun day with all our volunteers

Teaching empathy to the students

Interactive session with the mothers

Volunteering to an NGO that takes care of Tsunami affected kids

Westford University College Volunteers gifting Printer/Scanner

Tsunami affected kids having a light moment with volunteers

Happiness is clicking a selfie with the kids

Volunteering trip

When you are no longer a stranger at Kinder Hut – the picture says it all.

Once in a lifetime experience for the vounteers at Westford University College

Lifetime experience for our Volunteers

This international volunteering trip to Indonesia was once in a lifetime experience for our student volunteers. They not only shared happiness but in returned learned empathy. If you would like to be part of such volunteering trips then enroll with Westford University College for a lifetime experience.   Click here    to get in touch with us

Post written by:

Mr. Zawahir Siddique
Associate Dean,

Disclaimer: The facts and opinions appearing in the article are personal views of the author and not the official statement of Westford

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