Style is for everyone, Styling is not!

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“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” —Vivienne Westwood

Most people live under the impression that people who are keen on pursuing a fashion design degree want to be fashion designers. Yes, many fashion design students do become designers, however, the trend has changed in the last decade. Students have started taking a keen interest in other associated career options as well. They are bravely venturing into professions such as retail, merchandising, product development, and marketing. Others get into fashion journalism, blogging, content writing, and a significant number of students become fashion stylists and consultants.

If you have an intense love for fashion and follow the current trends religiously then you have a career in styling waiting for you. Fashion stylists help people of all ages with their clothing and accessories. Apart from just being creative, a fashion stylist needs to possess a number of other attributes such as great communication and networking skills. In addition to working as a stylist for an entrepreneur, one can opt for freelancing or become a personal style consultant for a client. Magazines, digital media, and design books are always on the lookout for commercial stylists too.

Interestingly, all these career options could be extremely rewarding and lucrative, but the first step is pursuing the right course in fashion.

Thinking Art & Design? Look no further! The HND in Art & Design (fashion) offered by Westford University College aims to help students with design acumen to further their understanding in the field of fashion design and develop their personal approach.

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