The importance of Customer Service in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

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Customer Service

The current economic trend possesses both opportunities and threats for organizations. Due to high amount of competition in the current business environment companies are competing with each other in providing better customer service. The products being marketed should have advantages than those sold by competitors. Along with this, the products need to be delivered in time and the method of delivery also matters in the success of the company.

There are several factors that influence the customer service of a logistics management company. Out of the three major relations with respect to a logistics company the relation with customers is more important than those with suppliers and with people inside the company. Most of the Logistics companies integrate the internal and external process to create an effective one in order to derive maximum customer satisfaction.

The increased demand for high-end customer service in supply chain and logistics management is due to several factors. The primary one is the changes that occur in the supply chain industry which creates pressure for the company. The second factor is the requirement for higher efficiency that is to be maintained by the company. The last factor is several kinds of services that are delivered by competitors which affect the expectation level of the customers.

The level of satisfaction related to logistics management can be classified into mainly three types. The first one being the preliminary transaction factors which occur well before the transaction taking place. The second one being transactional factors related to purchase and distribution. The last one being post transactional factors like availability of spare parts and invoice forwarding time.

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