The Importance of Front Office in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

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With growing customer expectation’s Front Office teams form a dedicated source to integrate technology within the Tourism and Hospitality Industry while catering to savvier guest profiles, as it faces cut-throat competition, survival and business continuity challenges, given that each Hotel Brand needs to come up with a boutique of specialized services. This places the hospitality industry often defined as a sectored system of innovation and production to stay ahead of the technology curve.

It is seriously restructuring & revolutionizing the hospitality industry across multitude of nations by integrating solutions that caters to economics of agile amelioration to meet the demands of frequent  globetrotting consumers, by backing hotel relationships that relies on boundless internet, to tackle reduced booking costs, intense competition which drive synergies between airline corporations, that  connects exciting rewards programs offered by hospitality players, empowering front desk professionals to use enterprise-level software as the new frontiers in communications, reservation, property management and guest systems for maximizing ratings and revenues.

So, an example of how British Airways applied e-commerce capabilities in its operations that allowed customers direct access to reservation systems, which improved speed of service, improved accuracy with the host of approaches using mobile technologies.

Front office personnel often remain adept in developing sustainability, revenue led and eco-friendly attitudes that involves managing customer’s preferences by offering guidance on travel and tourism options, unlock new opportunities with 24/7 AI Chat bots that allows customers to navigate several alternatives, when making reservations by comparing prices on multitudes of online portals – Expedia, MMT , Trivago to increase direct bookings,  offer e-dining services and help consumer navigate shopping destinations, transportation and restaurants.

Hotel CRM’s that have the capability to consolidate data, automate payments, adjust room lighting, automatically shut off power in unoccupied spaces and streamline the check-in and check-out processes.

Using enterprise level software front office personnel shall now connect with travel agencies, plan, budget and forecast better, which would improve co-ordination and communications with business partners, customers, airlines and part of the hotel to re-arrange custom-made services, by building synergies to operate with greater efficiency when considering the rise of e-booking .

Eventually front office desk professionals can help in establishing relevance, security, sustainability, scalability, efficiency and offer simplicity by staying up-to-date, build trust when by protecting personal information, celebrating green processes, automate transactions, quickly attending to guest requirements and focusing on guest experience & satisfaction, through tailor-made apps which can help clients locate spa, gym, review room rates, retail shops when creating an everlasting impression on clients to become the  future of the hotel business.

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