Top 5 Benefits of Westford MBA : From My MBA Experience

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If you’re curiously reading this, you are probably considering doing an MBA. Your research of universities online can be daunting and you ask yourself “is an MBA really worth it”? Being a recent MBA graduate in my mid 40’s, I might just be able to throw some light on the benefits of doing an MBA. Listed below are the top 5 benefits of my Westford MBA experience.

1. Transferable Skills

An MBA program as we all know relates to finance and business and the modules taught gives you an insight into various business functions. From acquiring specialized knowledge on managing a business, to improving one’s leadership skills, an MBA can equip you with the right skill sets. These skills are useful in analyzing data to make the right decisions in your business and yes, it gives you the confidence to take business related decisions.

Flexible format of learning is an option, so don’t quit your Job! A flexible MBA that fits around your career, and gives you the same credits as that of a full-time MBA was one of first reasons why I chose to pursue this path. The part-time study option at Westford University College was the answer to this. Not only can you finance your studies but also implement practices into workplace almost immediately.Not to mention the networking opportunities with classmates who are also from different levels of management and decision making.

2. Credibility for work experience

The Bachelor’s degree that I completed after high school was in a different field of study, and midcareer I was left wondering if I should be doing something different. When I set my foot into management jobs, I knew it was
not rocket science. So, after working 16 years in operations and management I needed a qualification to bring credibility to my work and an MBA was my best option. If you are considering a career change this qualification can exceed all other and can be an evidence of your proficiency in the subject.

3. Personal Growth

If you are someone who invests in personal growth then building your confidence and attaining problem-solving skills and leadership skills are vital qualities you want to build on. More and more companies are seeking professionals who update their skills continually. It’s easy to get stagnant and comfortable where you are. Push yourself a bit and you won’t regret it. An MBA could also improve your chances of earning a promotion without a doubt.

4. Boost the earning potential

Higher employment rate is another benefit. At a time when companies are cutting down on staff due to the financial crisis, chances are that they will retain the most qualified staff. An MBA degree is largely held in high respect in the business world. Perhaps the most practical benefit of an MBA is that it has help me increase my income.

5. Flame the Entrepreneurship spirit

Starting a business on my own was always a dream; which means I needed the skill not only to run the business but also to motivate the workforce. Both of which I learned from this degree. Of course, many people start businesses without an MBA and if you’re wondering if it’s worth the time and money then remember that in spite of its undeniable high costs, it can positively motivate you and keep the enthusiasm going strong.

Written by
Michelle Mia Reni
Westford MBA Student

About the Author
Michelle Reni is an entrepreneur, her business start-up, M 360 International, a Digital Marketing and Events company is at its growth phase. She worked in various roles as an Operations Manager and Project Manager for events and promotions in the past years. She enjoys playing various sports and loves travelling. She says that, one thing that she would do without thinking twice is travel.

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