Top 5 Reasons Why 1 Year Executive MBA’s are getting popular among Working Executives

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Of the many reasons one opts for a 1 year Executive MBA; ‘getting instant results’ tops the charts. Making an impact on growing global companies is one of the ways you can put your MBA to work. The opportunity of working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries and to solve some critical problem of the business world today is something empowering that an Executive MBA candidate seeks. For a typical time-stamped working professional a 1 year Executive MBA might just be a great value proposition since in just 12 months you are ready to hit the job market as a new refined package of Knowledge Skills and Attributes.

The average age of a candidate for an executive MBA would anywhere be from 35 to 40 years with a minimum experience of 10 to 15 years because these programs are specifically designed for those who have a clear idea of what they want as well as for those who have some background knowledge in business. Although the one year Executive MBA programs may be a fast-track option; they may not be for everybody. These programs are typically targeted towards senior level positions for various reasons- some of the popular reasons being to enhance capability, to handle greater responsibilities, adding new skill sets, getting a promotion or salary hike etc.

Peculiarly designed to help professionals keep working and simultaneously attain their MBA online Executive MBA programs are designed and offered to help you up your game professionally and give yourself the competitive edge. Here are top 5 reasons why these programs are so popular among working professionals and with the programs offered by Westford University College one can make the most of the following-

  • Skill growth

As complexities at the senior level get bigger executives seek enhanced skills to tackle business problems. With a one-year Executive MBA professionals would be able face business issues head-on with more application-based skills for long-term sustainability. Visit our website to view the testimonials and get a glimpse of the lives of our alumni- first-hand– after they completed their programs with Westford University College.

  • Holacratic Approach

It made sense when Steve Jobs said’ “you got to be idea-led and not hierarchy-led because ideas can come from everywhere and anywhere.” Organizations need a more Holacratic environment that empowers people to come together and contribute regardless of function, role or position. With a program like this senior level professionals will be a able to delegate and orchestrate strategic and unique teams.

  • Leverages working schedules

Candidates don’t have to compromise their working schedules as these programs are specially designed to accommodate the work and study mode. In is in fact rewarding for working professionals to parallely apply the concepts at work- which makes it all the more relevant due to the instant validation of the learnings. Westford University College offers a wide range of scheduled ranging from online, onsite, weekday and weekend batches to maximum ease to our candidates.

  • Flexible Pay

The 12 months executive MBA programs are offered at a very affordable price and to top it up- flexible payment options are customized to give you that ease. Speak to one of our consultants to know more how you can benefit.

  • Real-world Exposure

So these programs are highly involving and packed with case-studies and scenario based assignments which makes it a zero-only theory course. Professionals are a part of discussions and analysis that are based on real-world businesses from which they draw their understandings. It makes it worth the while since professionals are able to directly and instantly apply the knowledge comprehended during the learning sessions.

Westford University College is a leading provider of such programs in the UAE. Visit our website to know more and kick start your Executive Career Move.


Written by

Prof. Mrs. Ashima Keluskar

Westford University College

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