Types of Enterprise Systems in Business

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There are several factors like giving access to business knowledge and increase productivity among employees which are the reason for implementing enterprise systems by business organizations. Enterprise systems usually minimize the effort by human beings in managing information. The quality of the work and cooperation between employees are other advantages of enterprise systems.  An enterprise system, in fact, integrates different processes inside the business organization. And in advanced systems, several independent systems can be replaced by a single one which is the most favourable thing as far as a business are concerned.

Customer Relationship Management in Enterprise Systems
The purpose of Customer Relations Management was to increase the productivity in sales department by managing the consumers effectively and increasing the sales. Through Customer Relations management what the customer actually wants and how the behavior concerned with buying is addressed in a systematic way. This also helps increasing the quality of the products from the company and forecasting sales for future. There are several additional features being associated with Customer relation Management like mobile integration which gives further insight into customer preference.

Supply Chain Management in Enterprise Systems
Supply Chain Management Systems utilizes people tasks and resources for moving products from company to customer. Supply Chain Management should be carried out in an efficient and effective way and for this enterprise systems are being utilized. The common supply chain activities involve the development of the product, sourcing of materials from suppliers, production of goods and logistics management activities. The flow inside the enterprise management systems helps in managing the day to day activities concerning the movement of resources in the form of raw materials and end products.

Enterprise Resource Planning
The enterprise resource planning integrates software applications for managing purchasing activities, financial activities, human resource activities and inventory management systems. Inside the Enterprise Resource Planning System, the various activities are divided into modules. One of the advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning is the ease of customization according to different types of industries.

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