Westford Gavels Club: A New Beginning

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Westford Gavels Club is one of our new CSR initiatives that functions in a simple yet profound manner. To improve communication, leadership, and public speaking skills, we at Westford provide an excellent opportunity to teenagers to overcome the No. _ fear in the world – ‘Public Speaking. The initiative is primarily tailored for students aged between __-__ years of age because it is best to start the training when they are young.

The concept of Gavel’s Club: Gavel clubs are a way of providing the Toastmasters experience to groups who may be ineligible for regular membership due to age, or other circumstances. Following similar Toastmasters club meeting protocols, Gavel clubs use club officer titles and education manuals. However, gavel club members are referred to as “Gaveliers.” Gavel clubs also provide Toastmasters members and clubs with an excellent opportunity for community service.

At Westford, we have dedicated toastmaster clubs across undergraduate and postgraduate levels to provide Gaveliers with the opportunity to practice, learn, grow, mentor and coach. In this journey, they get to be a part of a team that is here to encourage, motivate and inspire them! Besides unlimited access to mentorship & training from our Toastmasters with over _ years of experience who have constantly excelled at both Division and District Toastmasters Competitions, Westford University College also sponsors 100% of the membership cost.


Baraa Ahmed

Al Zuhoor Private School – Sharjah


My experience at the Westford Gavels Club meeting was great. All the toastmaster members were nice and welcoming, and I met a lot of new people. It was truly fun, and I am honoured to be part of such a great club. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Westford University College for this opportunity. Furthermore, I am immensely thankful to the toastmasters that allowed us to learn and for the eorts they put in to make sure that the meeting goes perfectly and that we are all satisfied. I am looking forward to going to many more such meetings in the future.


Niveditha Hanil

The Sheffield Private School- Dubai


I am excited to be a part of the Westford Gavels Club. My first session was so welcoming and interactive. I got an opportunity to introduce myself to everyone and participate in the table-topics set by the toastmasters which were remarkably interesting. Overall, I enjoyed the meeting and I got to interact with new people I look forward to the upcoming sessions.


Palak Dewani

Oxford School – Dubai


The gavels club was an amazing experience I had fun throughout the event. I learned so much about being a public speaker and a toastmaster. The topic for the day was heart-touching and very engaging and the best part about the meeting was the game. The evaluation sessions were just a cherry on top! To conclude it all, I had the most amazing time in the meeting and am looking to attending more meetings.


Ryan Flory

The Westminster School – Dubai


On the 17th of September, I was invited to be a part of the gavels club at Westford University College. It was honestly an amazing experience as I got to learn a lot about public speaking and how to be confident while giving a speech. I met a lot of people my age and it was fun to get to know them. I hope to be a part of this experience again.



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