Westford Sibling Success Story

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Pursuing Bachelor degree was always on my agenda , however being a mother and working  made it difficult for me to  register myself in a full-time course. Most of the universities offered evening classes with five days a week for working professionals which was not feasible for me. During my search, I came to know about Westford from my younger sister Aqsa, who had recently finished high school and was hunting for good universities and colleges. She informed me about the flexibility of attending two evening classes for HND and Friday onsite classes for the BA Hons in Business Management (BABM) Top-Up program. The flexibility in terms of duration of the entire program which inclined me  towards Westford, and we both registered together. I am glad I made the decision of pursuing my education with Westford, the flexibility of onsite and online classes, and guidance from the faculty is commendable. The journey has been a roller coaster ride for both of us, work and personal commitments along with assignment submission deadlines, made it difficult for us at times but we are glad we are almost at the finish line. The program is designed according to the trends and changes in the business world, which is a huge advantage  in career growth. To be honest, I was unsure if I will ever be able to complete my Bachelor’s degree prior to joining Westford, but now reaching towards the end of the program, I am glad I made the right decision ! With right pedagogy and full assistance to the working professionals at the University , I would definitely recommend Westford to anyone wishing to pursue further education.

During my employment with Westford as an Admission Officer, I was impressed with the culture, environment, and study programs offered. The thing which attracted me the most was the flexibility offered in onsite classes specially designed for working professionals. I informed my sister, Sidra, about the program, who was also looking for universities to register to fit her schedule. We both registered together in 2016 for the HND and BABM Top-Up program. The business terminologies I learned, have helped me adapt and perform better at my new work place and I appreciate the guidance and feedback provided to us by the teaching faculty at Westford. I am glad that I made the right decision! In fact studying together with my sister was fun, we communicated and motivated each other, and now we are almost done with the entire program. I will definitely recommend Westford to my peers!

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