Westford University College Student Industry Visit to Bee’ah, Sharjah

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Bee’ah, the Middle East’s fastest-growing environmental management company, was founded in 2007, with the objective of creating a sustainable future, through creative and resourceful solutions. Since its inception, Bee’ah has pushed the boundaries of environmental innovation and crossed remarkable milestones, to become a force for change, across the region. Bee’ah is one of the largest waste management companies in the world. It embodies the principles of sustainability in reducing the negative impact of waste on ecology and society, and its key objective is to place Sharjah globally as a leader in environmental sustainability. Westford’s BA (Hons) Business Management students had this unique privilege and opportunity of visiting Bee’ah’s state of the art facility located in the outskirts of Sharjah.  After the preliminary security checks, the students zealously boarded the bus for a learned tour of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF), the Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling Facility (CDW), the Tyre Recycling Facility (TRF), the Car Shredding and Light Metal Recycling Facility. They also gained an insightful understanding while gazing at an expansive and high-security engineered landfill. The timing of visit at Bee’ah was an absolute “win-win’, as students connected theoretical concepts with actual processes on the ground, that offered contextual and conceptual clarity, given that most of them were learning the sustainability frameworks within the module at the University.

To sum up, Westford University College remains in gratitude, as the entire walk through was extremely well organized by the engineers and other support staff at Bee’ah who welcomed all the students with open arms. This visit in itself stands as a testimony to the resolute vision of Beeáh in engaging the community while creating a climate of pro-environmental behavior to protect, serve and promote social welfare, cleanliness and earn the trust & goodwill of local and expatriate citizens.

“As part of the Westford BABM module, we visited Bee’ah and this trip has added to our learning by connecting the theories discussed in the class with the real world business operations. The main emphasis was on systematic waste management, development of sustainable strategies for the conservation of key resources and utilization of renewable energy. My deepest gratitude to Westford for sending us on this fun and experiential industry visit”.- Joanna James, BABM Student

“Sustainability is not merely a fad, but a global issue that requires radical transformation at both strategic and operational level. The key to positive change is awareness and education about the three pillars of sustainability; people, planet and profits. The trip to Bee’ah could not have been planned at a more suitable time as the students who visited the facility were studying ‘The Economics of Sustainable Development’ module. The visit enabled the students to be able to relate theory to practice and helped in a more holistic understanding of the module. Such visits are extremely effective in enhancing their knowledge and broadening their perspective.” – Ms. Sufia Munir, Module Leader, Economics of Sustainable Development.

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