WeTalk with Rohit Bassi

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We Talk is an initiative by Westford University College to bring together the doers, the talkers, the movers, the shakers and the dreamers of the world to explore and share their thoughts and ideas. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to learn to present their ideas and their stories and get inspired through an open conversation. We aim to invite speakers and hear their cutting-edge ideas and inspiring stories and witness how creative leaders are made. They come from diverse backgrounds like management, analysts, managers, teachers, programmers, scientists, comedians, designers, musicians, writers, or activists, we come together to create a space that is brimming with curiosity, excitement and connection. We believe its events like “We Talk” that helps build communities.

Our speaker for the 3rd WE Talk Event was, Mr. Rohit Bassi – He is a motivational speaker, he is also known as ROI, as he delivers a return on investment. He uses ancient wisdom from Asia and fuses it with modern day living to assist us from disruption to transformation. Thus stopping the unnecessary fear of disruption. That ancient wisdom is known as “JIGRA”.  It is the missing link to success. He says JIGRA is the ability to integrate one’s heart, brain and mind, thus allowing us to communicate, negotiate and lead with greater success.  Get ready to enhance your image, convince, and be impressive by tapping into your own JIGRA, ‘your executive presence’.

The key to a good motivational speech is to have a great story that gives the audience inspiration to do more. Mr. Bassi power packed the talk with exceptional and emotional stories that connected with the audience and gave them think in a different perspective. We have great moments where the audience were connected to Mr. Bassi’s compelling stories that inspired open conversations about what and how to get the motivational wheel rolling in one’s life.

A particular activity conducted by Mr.Bassi, to demonstrate the importance of Emotional Wisdom was a true treat to the mind. It was designed to help the audience realize the potential that they have within themselves. In a nutshell, this is what we aim for, people to walk in with their thoughts, doubts, and ideas and walk out with a new perspective and a new outlook. In the heart of it, WE Talk is creating an environment and providing the platform that nurtures growth, mindfulness and happiness.

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