What every Business Executive should know about Strategic Positioning in Management

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Strategic positioning is a new concept in business management which helps business organizations for marketing products and services to the customers. Business Executives help in creating a brand image among the targeted audience for marketing purpose. All the major factors like promotion, place, product and price are used for the purpose of strategic positioning. If more emphasis is given for positioning then marketing strategies will be also getting a boost from it. Positioning leads customers who have knowledge of the product or service to make the purchase immediately.

The first step in positioning is doing a detailed analysis with the data available about the product and services in the market for which it is targeted. This analysis plan usually contains the details about the targeted people who will yield more business with the company. What the customer want and what the customer need can be easily calculated form these data for better targeting purpose.

Marketing department usually starts with an advertisement of products and services in the first phase of positioning. Having an understanding of the targeting audience helps in making these advertisements more effective among the audience. The choice of channels of distribution is also important in the case of positioning. Understanding about how the targeting audience commute helps in marketing in rural and urban areas. It is common practice to keep the product as close to the targeting audience as possible as far as positioning is concerned.

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