What Every Logistics Management Professional Should Know About Critical Factors Affecting Warehousing Cost

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Most of the supply chain and logistics management professional working in the manufacturing industry will be associated with cutting down of the warehouse cost. While considering the cutting down of warehouse cost instead of cutting down the workforce it is essential to analyze the return on investment for the company.

It is essential to give proper training to the employees in handling the various material handling devices in the warehouse for making it more efficient. Along with this how the communication can be improved across warehouse and how damage and breakage are prevented should also be made aware among employees. The process of purchasing and shipment schedules which are directly affecting the warehouse capacity need to be monitored by the responsible people to utilize the space effectively.

Training programs should be conducted and awards and achievement prizes should be given to the accountable employees as part of the incentives. Employees who work hard to prevent damage and increase efficiency should be given cash bonus for motivating them to work sincerely in future. This can lead to more employees performing better inside the warehouses.

It is sometimes essential to review the working hours of the employees and the twenty-four hour operations should only be done if there is no other alternative option is available. Reduction in the number of shifts alone can contribute to the cutting of warehouse cost inside the company. Along with this working hour management in a more time-bound way can increase the profits.

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