How Consumer Behavior affects Marketing Strategy ?

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Consumer Behavior

Business organizations across globe try to influence consumer by encouraging them to buy products and services. This is done by studying about the needs of the consumer and creating appropriate strategies so that consumer buys products. There are several marketing strategies used for influencing consumer behavior which affects the buying decision.

The first thing to be kept in mind while building strategies for marketing products is communicating with consumers emotionally. This can be done by giving promotional material in order to get attention of consumer. It has been found that consumers are attracted to products that create emotions in the form of joy and surprise.

All businesses throughout the world are seeking for solutions to assure long-term sales and profitability, as well as market sustainability. To do so, companies must pay close attention to their source of profit – consumers – and, more crucially, their behaviour.

  • Consumer behaviour is the study of consumer demands and how consumers (customers and organizations) meet these needs, as well as their motivation for using and purchasing a certain product or service.
  • This is an exceptionally helpful study for corporations looking seeking strategies to stay relevant in the market since it assists them in determining the best marketing plan for their items.
  • After rigorously analyzing consumer behaviour, only a relevant marketing plan can be established to advertise the service/product to the correct segment of the audience by finding a market gap or demand; failing to do so exposes the firm to product/service failure. Businesses are expected to research all the criteria listed below to effectively analyze their customers.
  • A successful marketing strategy is critical to a company’s success since it assists the company in developing a product or service that has the potential to sell and provide high levels of profit yield.
  • A marketing strategy is a company’s plan for selling its product, which includes considering the four variables listed below.

Consumer behaviour and marketing strategy are inextricably linked:

  • Consumer behaviour assists firms in determining whether what they are selling will be lucrative, as well as in tailoring their marketing plan to the appropriate target population for their product/service.
  • Catering a product/service to the wrong audience may be detrimental to a business, whereas, Catering the appropriate product/service to the right consumers by observing their behaviour, on the other hand, might be invaluable to a company.

Many organizations look for the most cost-effective way to do consumer research. By using technologies like Google Analytics, Google Survey, CRM, and the social networking sites listed above, businesses may keep track of their customers’ web activity, making it easier to determine client preferences. Keepingtrack of consumer behaviour is critical for ensuring profitability

With the recent change towards the Covid-19 crisis, businesses must monitor customer behaviour more now than ever.Observably Covid-19 has bought drastic changes in consumer behaviour

  • According to the graph above, which looks at post-pandemic consumer patterns, it is simply that instead of splurging on non-essential things, consumers are now more cautious than ever of their spending and consumption.
  • Consumers are also less likely to make large purchases during an economic-financial crisis such as the recession; therefore, businesses must study and analyze consumer behaviour to ensure sustainability through having the right marketing strategy catered to the consumer’s financial and emotional preferences. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of operations or bankruptcy.

In conclusion, consumer behaviour has a significant influence on marketing strategy and is important to the success of a product; so, the marketing strategy must be determined through analyzing consumer behaviour to understand what customers want. Meeting consumer demand is the quickest method to make profits – the ultimate objective of any and every firm.

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