What Every Tourism and Hospitality Management Professional Should Know About Cruise Line Industry

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Cruise Line industry is one of the fastest growing tourism-based industries in the world. Cruising has expanded from very rich people to middle-class people in the recent times. There are several factors that control the cruise industry which is explained below.

The first factor that is having crucial role is the economical aspects which depends upon the travelers that cruise lines carry. Cruise lines contribute to the increase in revenue to the country in which it is operated. Economical factors like recession also affects the economy of the cruise industry. The flexibility of allowing facilities makes the cruise lines operate at marginal costs for varying class of customers.

The preferences of customers vary on cruise lines. There are different categories of cruise lines which offer different cruise package themes. Young people and families are the major groups of people preferring to go for cruises. The number of old people preferring cruising lines gets diminished each year due to several reasons. The trends followed on cruise lines also vary depending upon the dining activities.

Certain incidents happening on cruise lines get public attention and this harm the reputation of the cruise lines. Certain regulations on press involvement should be there in order to protect such incidents from catching the eye of the public. As there are a large number of people who have gone for cruises reference and mouth to mouth publicity is often a critical factor in cruise package booking.


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