Why DBA?

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DBA is centered on work experiences rather than Education compared to Ph.D. It is more on blended learning experience rather than on knowledge formation in the academia but application of theory into practice. Instead of a research-driven program, it is more on business model creation using business theories in real-life cases. The program can be completed within 3 years part-time online. DBA is simply addressed current business problems, focus on practical solutions, develop new business models.

  1. Apart from having the doctor attached to your name, it has a double-digit return on investment

DBA Degree will be your gateway to having consultancy credibility and the same time teaching profession. Having a degree is not rocket science that you can have the degree quickly. It is 99% Perspiration, 1 % Inspiration. Hardworking pays off after all.

Western universities not only increased your chances for employment but also your chance of getting a higher starting salary. It can rapidly increase your career growth for top executives. In Western countries, having DBA is highly paid.  DBA generates a theoretical model to solve or answer real needs in the business world that is why they are paid for this talent.

  1. You will be an Entrepreneur

The program itself is not only designing the students to become an employee but creation of entrepreneurs. With the rigorous assignments and different strategies, one can think, why I have not thought of that a long time ago otherwise, I will be creating my own business. Research is part of the system of DBA program otherwise you have nothing to submit at the end of the course. You will be troubleshooting organizational problems, and this will make you master the Art of War in business using different strategies, tactics, and techniques.

  1. DBA makes you feel better

Everyone in the office got MBA. It seems that it is the fad of the ages. After having Bachelor’s degree, while waiting for a job to come in, you will register yourself for MBA.  Meanwhile, if you have a DBA, you will be different from all since you have a competitive advantage in terms of management science and degree. That makes you feel better and more secure in terms of qualification wise.

  1. Networking with your classmates

If you register into DBA, it will give you a social network from different students across the globe. This widens your horizon in your career not only confined in your office space, but your network will increase. People will pay a huge amount of money for club membership just to maintain the network but in DBA, you can have a lifetime network with your classmates in the program. No need for a membership fee.

  1. Gig Economy

DBA is more than that of the orthodox platform of delivering the course content but it is more on life experiences and diagnosing the problem into the organization and how to make it suitable for the current trend. There are crypto miners, YouTubers, and other influencers who did well in their earnings but need a degree, to boost their self-esteem.

  1. Self Esteem

It can be overwhelming to go back to the education process if you have an MBA certificate under your belt and want additional qualifications to help you pursue jobs. However, as soon as you start to learn a DBA, your level of confidence will increase, allowing you to keep up with the DBA program. If you have graduated a DBA program, you must be in the right spirit when you find your dream job, so you can feel better controlled by the right qualifications and technical skills.

  1. Leadership Accolade

The award of a DBA certificate can significantly increase your chances of achieving your personal and business objectives. Many DBA graduates will have the requisite qualifications for performance and leadership. If you want to become a senior management position or executive level. A DBA program can allow you to build leadership skills that you can use effectively on the job.

The Westford University College in cooperation with UCAM Catholic University of Murcia offers a DBA program that caters to aspiring Senior Executives without traveling to Spain. It is flexible and more rewarding to have part-time classes right at your convenience.

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