Why DBA’s from European Universities are higher in demand in Africa?

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The economic landscape of the African continent is transforming and growing at a faster clip and offering huge promises to grow even faster in near future rather in post-covid 19 pandemics rather in the new normal economy. Evolving business and industry dynamics require highly competent management and leadership professionals to negotiate volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) challenges, drive and lead the business, trade, and commerce with an innovative mind-set integrating with the demands of evolving global business dynamics.  Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from an internationally recognized and accredited European University is one of the most coveted professional qualifications for any aspiring management professionals with a die-hard ambition to acquire management and leadership qualifications. Therefore, Students, Working Executives, and Business Professionals from the African continent prefer to invest in studying online DBA programs from European Universities.

European Universities are highly research-led and adhere to strict accreditation, quality assurance, and validation process benchmarked with the best international standards. No wonder, International students in general and African students including working executives, in particular, prefer European Universities for highly specialized world-class professional and higher education like DBA because of the cohort-based approach with excellent contemporary curriculum, pedagogy, and research quality. It helps them to sharpen their professional knowledge and strong analytical and problem-solving skills to bolster their career prospect as an entrepreneur or as a most sought after management and leadership professional who is ready to deliver the promise in real terms.

African students prefer online DBA from European Universities for program competencies that offer active learning rather than developing mastery of subject knowledge in specialized fields for advanced level of understanding and applying problem-solving, decision-making skills, and techniques. Also, develop and hone applied research and analytical skills required for high-level responsibility in academic and business environments.

European Universities enjoy the most preferred destination status in the African continent for the DBA program as it offers world-class learning opportunities through harnessing the power of applied research with flexibility which helps them leverage their professional experience/backgrounds to explore, design, and manage large systems in the complex organizations of the increasingly multifaceted and multi-sectored economy.

African students’ preference to enroll and complete DBA program from European Universities is also based on the prospect of having the best-integrated learning opportunities and developing key competencies such as:

  • Develop mastery of domain knowledge for a higher level of understanding  for problem-solving and advanced decision making in complex business environments and industry dynamics
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills for framing and articulating a business plan, formulating strategies, analytical reports to engage stakeholders
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify the business trends, issues, and opportunities for creating values for stakeholders
  • Develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and skills for starting and growing new ventures
  • Provides expertise and a strong base in applied research and analysis to enrich critical knowledge, skills, and abilities in data-driven decision making

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