Why Resistance to Change is a serious concern in an Organization

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It is impossible for organizations to run without changes. Change can happen due to several reasons like new staff, increase or decrease in profits, an introduction of new technologies etc. In certain cases, these changes can make certain employees resist to the change and end up in wide criticism. Resistance to change can occur due to several reasons which are explained below.

Most of the time the changes that may occur is started by the key people inside the organization. It is essential to convey the details of the changes to the members of the team to have proper coordination and any complaints need to be reduced before implementing the plan. In certain cases, the information is missed while conveying the details to the lower level employees. Such poor communication can create a resistance to change in organizations.

Sometimes the ego of the employees creates a resistance to change. Some of the employees might have vested interests and aims for their personal gains. In such cases when the employees consider them first before the company will become a major reason for resistance to change

Most of the time employers are required to check that every employee gets equal treatment based on their talents and opinions of all employees are considered before making a change. In certain occasions, if the employees hear of a sudden change it might cause them a concern of worry and this leads to resistance to change.

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