5 Reasons Why You Must Consider Doing Your DBA!

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Most of us know that the ultimate education degree people can acquire in the span of their life is a PhD. or “Doctor of Philosophy”. A PhD qualifies a person to pursue an academic route by becoming a lecturer or scientific researcher in a public or private institution. However, if you are a business or management professional and would like to enhance your knowledge, tackle key industry issues, or find solutions to real business problems; then the DBA or “Doctor of Business Administration” is the ideal degree program equivalent to a PhD for you.

A DBA degree testifies that you don’t only have the knowledge and skills to be competent in your field and industry; but also, can contribute to and enrich the existing business and management area by adding new knowledge.

Here are 5 reasons why I believe you must consider doing your DBA:

  1. Stand Out From The Crowd!

There couldn’t be a better way to differentiate yourself from other executives in your field and earn credibility than attaining a DBA degree. If we look at most business executives in various fields; they will have an MBA degree at most or brag about their long years of experience in their industry at best. These are good enough aspects to maintain a job, but who is interested in the good enough these days?!

If we are talking about being exceptional and standing out in your field and profession by providing meaningful contributions then you need to aim for the stars, continue learning and be well-versed in your area of expertise. As a DBA graduate, you will delve into the nitty and gritty of contemporary business and management and will study the key issues using applied research methods and methodologies and conduct all that in a systematic approach. Tell me now, how many business executives do you know, have developed such important research skills to approach business problems innovatively?

  1. Accelerate Your Career Growth!

As soon as you become a DBA researcher, you will familiarize yourself with the most pressing business and management issues in your organization and field of work. You will have access to diverse research papers conducted about your study from trusted sources as well as understand the latest trends and best practices in your industry & profession. This is in addition to strengthening your skills as a management researcher in terms of problem-solving, critical thinking, data analysis, and academic writing, besides many other much-needed business skills to help you succeed and put you ahead of the curve.

After all, these are the most needed skills for leaders to be highly effective and competitive in their roles in the modern-day fast-paced business environment. Organizations must make a call to hire individuals who possess both professional acumens as well business literacy and tools to gain the maximum advantage for the organization. This is especially critical for senior and executive management roles.

It’s worth mentioning that due to the versatile business component of DBA, it can open multiple career opportunities to its graduates, besides enhancing their status and position in their current job.

  1. Become A Thought Leader!

Once you adopt a lifelong learning mindset and step out from traditional ways of doing business and start talking about newer and more relevant approaches in your industry or field those others don’t; you will be recognized as an expert and authority in what you do and that’s exactly what a “Thought Leader” is.

Continuing learning and education enable you access to a new perspective and greater insight about a subject matter; especially as a DBA researcher, where you can combine your experience and in-depth knowledge to grasp a topic, talk about it out loud as well as inspire others around you to think differently.

The most effective business executives are also great movers and shakers and as such very inspiring thought leaders. This is because they dare to delve into the underlying issues surrounding business organizations to find dynamic solutions and not merely scratch the surface like the majority do. So, they are trendsetters and thought leaders in the real sense of the term because they are here to innovate, influence and contribute to creating a better world.

  1. Contribute To the Body of Knowledge!

How do you think the existing set of concepts, terms and activities concerning a particular domain has ever existed and accumulated over time? It’s naturally through the curiosity and dedicated efforts of the most learned members or groups of society. This progressive set of concepts, terms and activities are developed and presented in a structured way to define the accepted requirements and standards that make up a certain profession.

In other words, you will be one of the elite members of the community who can leave a mark by contributing to the “Body of Knowledge” in your field of work and making a difference. This is by introducing effective solutions to the existing problems in your area of work by applying a systematic research methodology and developing an in-depth understanding of the phenomena at hand. I find this one of the most rewarding parts of professional life and a notable sign that an individual has reached career maturity.

If you think about your career journey, ask yourself: “what’s next”? What’s the outcome of all the valuable knowledge and experience that you’ve gathered over the years? It’s the most outstanding and compelling calling to apply this knowledge and experience to improve how people practice your profession and solve its prevailing problems.

  1. Balance Personal & Professional Commitments!

The fact that many educational institutions do offer the opportunity of part-time distance learning which you can pursue from the comfort of your home or office or during the weekend made earning a DBA degree even much more achievable.

Whether you are a busy working professional, work-at-home mom, or aspiring entrepreneur; a part-time DBA will allow you to balance your personal and professional commitments without affecting your key responsibilities or sacrificing your dream of earning your DBA to become an expert in your field of work and achieve professional credibility.

To sum up, there could be many routes that a working professional may take to stand out and achieve professional soundness and a competitive edge. Earning a DBA degree is the logical next thing you need to do as a business and management executive to command authority and lovingly give back to your area of profession. I believe by doing that, your lifelong and valuable career efforts will be crowned with success, and it will be just like the perfect icing on the cake!

I’d like to end with a great quote by Brian Tracy in this matter that goes: “Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and their lives, will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future”.

P.S. I’m currently pursuing my DBA Program at Westford University College. I’m very much impressed with the calibre of their faculty members and the professionalism of their administrative staff. They have what every professional looks for world-class education, flexible schedules, and value for money. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Westford University College TODAY To Inquire about their DBA Program!

About the Author:


Mona AlHebsi is a multiple award-winning hotelier, HR practitioner, success coach, speaker, author of “Beat the Odds,” people and culture expert, thought leader, and a content creator who can introduce you to some easy ways that will help you achieve harmony from the inside out and gain personal and professional competence. She was named one of the “Best Business Influencers of the Year 2022” and is currently a DBA candidate at Westford University College.

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