Women in Leadership- Building Resilience – Ms. Mandip Dulay

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“She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared, but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.” ― Atticus.

It is an incredible privilege to honor an unstoppable female pioneer in every area she has embraced, Ms. Mandip Dulay, at the Westford University College We Connect Session.

Mandip Dulay is a founder of the COO Network, a member, of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and a member of the IMPACT 2030 Executive Committee. With almost 20 years of experience working on a local, national and international scale, Mandip’s career experience varied from working for two major international agencies with more than 150,000 employees across the United Kingdom, India and Brussels, to assisting a Middle East Regional company with offices in six countries and over 600 people.  However, her experience has not only limited her to working with companies but also has offered mentoring several prospective business leaders, as well as giving strategic guidance to founders and startups who are at the early stage of the developmental process.

The WeConnect Session with Mandip, titled “How to Create Resilience,” played a pivotal role for learning students, not just by talking about development, but also how patience and not giving up approach is crucial for continued growth, particularly in times like these when people are losing their hopes and juggling about meeting odds.

The participants’ Q&A session helped cross the knowledge that one gets during the WUC classes and then how that knowledge intertwines with practicality. The response was not only welcomed but also appreciated by many, even at the end of the session. Another quest of our students, Madiha and Fawad, was how to get more equipped when moving from one career to another in their 30’s, particularly in this unprecedented time. Mandip’s heartwarming, encouraging and practical response to them was to go with a learning mindset and not just a competitive attitude, which might help to alleviate their uncertainty, and clearly help them to make their choices, taking the step towards the change they want to make in their lives.

The goal of this webinar was to educate our Master of Business Administration (MBA) and BA (Hons) students and working professionals about the complexities and aspirations of existing activities and overall business goals. Also, Leadership is profoundly rooted in the courses taught at the Westford University College and with the help of WeConnect, we highlight these skills by practicing to get top-notch leaders emerging from diverse business realms and platforms around the world. The take away from Mandip’s session is to believe, all of us can benefit from improving our leadership, resilience — making us better able to face the crisis, recover, and adapt. When leaders strengthen resilience, the organization emerges stronger, more resourceful, and capable of meeting current and future challenges. This collective resilience also strengthens individual resilience, signaling to each member of the organization the importance of incorporating practices that keep them engaged and motivated, and capable of giving their all to what they do – at work and beyond.

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