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A 2-day intensive fashion workshop was organized by the Art & Design Department of Westford as part of a series of workshops. Participants had the opportunity to explore distinct aspects of fashion design and experiment with creative ideas and innovative concepts during the workshops. Experts from the industry led the two-day workshop and provided students with a glimpse into what a career in fashion entailed.

Ben Joe
Digital Illustrator and Fashion Faculty
Victoria Lowe
Teacher of Art and Design
Rafi Ahmed
Visual Merchandising Consultant and Luxury Project Management
Aishwarya Menon
Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur




“I got to know about this workshop because of my father and I’m so happy that I didn’t procrastinate because it was a wonderful experience. I have seen fashion videos and posts about the process of designing but having the opportunity to experience it live from an experienced professional was a whole other feeling. To make things even better, we spent our break time in the game room, so it was fun throughout!”


Aiswarya Menon

Instructor – Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur


“I felt honored to be contacted by Westford University College for conducting a Surface Development Workshop. Being a fashion designer and an entrepreneur, I am glad I had this opportunity to share my knowledge with aspiring designers. The workshop itself was well organized and beautifully managed. I felt completely welcomed at Westford and it was an enriching experience indeed. The attendees were very receptive and interested in learning new skills. I got to spend time with an amazing set of creative students, and I look forward to more wholesome and enjoyable sessions with Westford!”


Hina Tanveer



“Throughout the two-day workshop, I never felt bored while learning any new concept. Every piece of knowledge taught by the experienced teachers was clear, graspable, and not overloading. The best part about the workshop was that it taught me both, theoretical and practical knowledge which felt exceptional as this is not common in other similar courses. This workshop has given me the motivation that every field has a broad scope if only you have a positive attitude towards achieving it.”


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