BSc (Hons) in Business Psychology with Human Resource Management

Westford University College (WUC), in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is bringing this coveted programme as an onsite programme at their state of art campus in Sharjah, UAE, as well as online with live virtual classes for learners across the globe. Management of human resources is an art, understanding the mindset and thought processes of human beings is the core to maximising people efficiency, as well as helping them in their self-development. BSc (Hons) in Business Psychology programme, along with the HR specialization programme will open all learners’ insights into the multifaceted understanding of the human mind.

Course Structure

Westford University College provides the BSc (Hons) in Business Psychology with Human Resource Management specialization program. It is designed for ambitious students who wish to take up a career in the field of psychology. The course will equip students with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to apply psychological principles within the business world. The program will cater to students with both business and psychology backgrounds.

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Educational Objectives of Business Psychology Programmes

Exit Awards

The Bsc. (Hons) in Business Psychology and Bsc. (Hons) in Business Psychology with HRM are 3 years full time programs with an exit award option post completion of Level 4 and Level 5.

Business Psychology is focused on understanding the psychology of human behaviour and its application within business organisations.The modules are carefully designed to impart knowledge, skills and a thorough understanding of the human behaviour and its effect on individuals in particular and organization in general.

Educational Objectives of Psychology Programmes

  • Develop knowledge and critical understanding of a range of fundamental psychological theory.
  • Produce a scientific understanding of mind, brain, behaviour, and experience, and of the complex interactions between them.
  • Develop knowledge of, and the ability to critically evaluate, experimental methods and key research areas in psychology.
  • Develop students’ awareness of a range of real-life applications of psychological theory, and its application to HRM.
  • Enable students to link theoretical analysis with empirical enquiry.
  • Enrich students’ learning experiences and to provide a stimulating and effective learning environment.
  • Promote access to higher education, especially within the local region.
  • Enable graduates to enter employment in a wide range of contexts.

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BSc (Hons) in Business Psychology with Human Resource Management (HRM)

 S.No  Year Level Module Name Credit
 1 Year 1 Level 4 Studying Psychology 20
 2 Year 1 Level 4 Introduction to Developmental Psychology and Individual Differences 20
 3 Year 1 Level 4 Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology 20
4 Year 1 Level 4 Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology 20
 5 Year 1 Level 4 Introduction to Organisational Psychology 20
6 Year 1 Level 4 Understanding the Business World 20
7 Year 2 Level 4 Research Methods in Psychology 20
8 Year 2 Level 5 Cognitive and Biological Psychology 20
9 Year 2 Level 5 Developmental and Social Psychology 20
10 Year 2 Level 5 Contemporary Issues in Applied Psychology 20
11 Year 2 Level 5 Organisational Behavior 20
12 Year 2 Level 5 Employment Relations and Human Resource Management 20
13 Year 3 Level 6 Work Psychology 20
14 Year 3 Level 6 Health Psychology 20
15 Year 3 Level 6 Positive Psychology 20
16 Year 3 Level 6 Learning and Employee Development 20
17 Year 3 Level 6 Psychology Dissertation 40
Total Credits 360
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