Awarding Body

Guglielmo Marconi University

Course Duration

5 Months- Every Saturday

Number of Modules

3 Modules

Delivery Mode


Diploma in Business Management

Guglielmo Marconi University

The Diploma in Business Management is awarded by Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy. This course serves a two-fold purpose. While it prepares students to pursue their further education in the field of business, it also enables them to step into the world of business and get a head-start into their careers.

This five-month long course comprises of three modules that extensively cover topics such as Human Resource Management, Operations and Technology management, and Principles of
Marketing. The course is designed in a manner to give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and hone skillsets using both theoretical and practical application. Diploma in Business Management is for all those who are enthusiastic about getting an edge over their competitors. It is for those who wish to polish their managerial and operational skillsets to stand out of the crowd and be recognized for their exceptional work ethics, leadership qualities and immense knowledge of their business.

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About Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy

Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi internationally referred to as Guglielmo Marconi University, is the first Italian Open University recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). It currently has 16.000 students enrolled across 6 Schools: Business, Law, Political Sciences, Applied Sciences &Technologies, Arts, Education Science.

GMU offers a wide range of lectures, workshops, and research ventures, exploring the use of technological advancements in education, providing interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and competences, with a particular focus on global perspectives, contemporary culture and Industry 4.0.

The University of Guglielmo Marconi appears among the 25 Top Performers worldwide in the categories of the U-Multirank ranking system.


Managing People & Organizations

The module attempts to emphasize the significance of organizations and the complexity of interactions, relationships and processes are played out daily. This module is to develop the analytical skills which will assist you to obtain valuable insights into organizational work life. At the core of the course is characterization and discussion of everyday functions and roles managers take part in, such as sense-making, sense-giving, decision-making, leading, motivating, planning, organizing, mentoring, monitoring, and influencing.

Learning outcomes

Understand the roles, relationships, and delivery models of HR managers in an organizational context.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a Framework that inform the work-life of a HR manager inside organizations.
  • Appraise potential biases in decision-making to make defendable decisions in an organizational context.

Learn about the impact of internal and external factors that affect HRM decision making.

  • Undertake a critical analysis of the internal and external factors that influence the process of HRM decision making.
  • Use a structured approach to formulate a HRM decision making strategy that assures integrated communication.

Acquire knowledge of the best practices in recruitment, performance management, organizational development, rewards, training and development.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of developing suitable recruitment strategy for an organization.
  • Interpret and evaluate using numerical data to examine key challenges faced by the recruitment strategy.

Operations and Technology management

This Unit equips candidates with a knowledge of the theories, concepts and principles within an operations management framework. This will see a range of issues being discussed, including the contribution of quality management, organizational productivity and the impact of workflow within a case context. The students will understand the value of applying certain technology. Continuous development of technology within the organization will be assessed, exploring several modern-day applications that are available.

Learning outcomes

Critically analyze Operations management within an organizational context.

  • Critically discuss the principles, theories and concepts of operations management
  • Critically review the importance of productivity and workflow on the organization’s
  • Discuss operations strategies across any two business sectors.

Learn the use of technology management to advance an organization’s competitive advantage.

  • Critically analyze the impact of technology management on an organization’s performance.
  • Discuss the impact of an Information and Communications technology intervention on performance data.
  • Plan a strategy to implement a Management Information System within an organization

Understand the application of operations management within an organization.

  • Discuss the contribution of any two quality management techniques to improving the performance of an organization.
  • Develop an action plan to improve the current operation of an organization.

Marketing Principles

This unit is designed to introduce learners to key principles of marketing, enabling them to develop a sound marketing plan. Learners will be introduced to and relevant frameworks, models, theories, and concepts marketing for application to achieve results. Contemporary know-how of undertaking marketing analytics and digital and social media marketing will help learners relate to real-world examples, including products/services that they encounter in their own daily lives.

Learning outcomes

Understand the concepts, role, and contemporary significance of marketing as a
function in an organization.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of marketing in an organization and present awareness about its difference from selling
  • Using range of secondary sources, review the scope of marketing in an organization for building and establishing customer relationship and customer satisfaction
  • Critically analyze the contributions of marketing activities in achieving organizational objectives and evaluate the paradigm shift in various perspectives on ethical and sustainable marketing as contemporary issues impacting organizations with examples

Acquire Marketing techniques and apply the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning concept for a marketing plan.

  • Conduct a macro and micro environmental analysis to understand factors influencing marketing decisions
  • Demonstrate how the changing nature of buyers’ behavior impact marketing activities and decisions in an organization
  • Critically analyze the relevance of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning to develop competitive advantage and the concept Positioning to develop a marketing plan

Learn to develop marketing plans using the marketing mix for branding.

  • Evaluate the market conditions to conceptualize and implement a marketing plan that establishes and sustains competitive advantage for a brand
  • Review integrated marketing communications strategies and illustrate a promotional campaign for the proposed product of an organization
  • Conceptualize the elements for the extended marketing mix to integrate service marketing in the marketing plan

Certified Team Leader (CTL).

This professional program is designed in association with Chartered Management Institute and helps professionals in obtaining a certificate of ‘Certified Team Leader’ from Chartered Management Institute, UK.

The purpose of the programme is to allow the transition to managing others, while enabling them to take responsibility. Along with, training to manage team members successfully by sharing information, offering autonomy, being aware of people’s needs and providing direction.

Qualification Purpose and Progression

Who is this course for?
  • Employees with administrative or mid-managerial level experience.
  • Those who seek a career opportunity in the field of business.
  • Those who wish to attain over-all knowledge of business management.
  • Those interested in establishing a business of their own.
  • Those looking to switch careers or expand the horizons of their career opportunities.
  • Students interested in pursuing undergraduate courses in the field of business.
Career Progressions

Those with a Diploma in Business Management can approach the following career and
business opportunities:

  • A team-lead or managerial level position.
  • A promotion in HRM, Marketing or Operations.
  • A career jump or opening new doors with additional knowledge of Digital Marketing and

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