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    About the Course

    Business Psychology deals with understanding what motivates and influences people and orientating these according to the needs of an organisation, acting as a key driver of success in today’s competitive international market. The Diploma in Business Psychology is designed to develop a broader understanding of business and manpower skills that will facilitate to boost employees’ welfare and performance, analysing human aspects within the organisation and can help businesses to become simpler and profitable.

    Aim of the Program

    The aim of the programme is to develop an understanding of human and organizational behaviour. It allows them to gain core management and leadership capabilities to develop better, cost efficient organisations.

    Along with the core study of business psychology, students are encouraged to learn about current issues, as well as marketing, the impact of technology, demographics, and different classical theories of psychology on customer behaviour.

    The course introduces the use of multiple theories of human behaviour alongside models of business and organizational behaviour. Business Psychology will provide an opportunity to develop an understanding of the relationship between psychology and business.


    The program consists of 3 Modules and will be delivered onsite.
    This module will introduce students to key issues in Psychology andexplore common myths about the brain and behavior. Tutorials will focus onbasics of academic skills such as literature searching, citing and referencing sources,academic writing and authorship, and critical thinking. Some lectures will focus on understanding ethical practice in writing and conducting research.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding key issues in Psychology
    • Analyse journal papers to apprehend research methodology
    • Understanding ethical issues while conducting research
    This module introduces the core area of developmental psychology. Students will be encouraged to consider issues such as the processes of attachment between a parent and child underpinning early social relationships, how children learn to understand and to produce spoken language including the impact of the social context, the developing cognitive skills of a child and how social and cultural factors may impact development. Within the core area of individual differences students will examine the evidence for differences in personality types and variations in intelligence. It will also consider the topic of psychometrics; how these traits and abilities of individuals can be measured and assessed.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Demonstrate a basic understanding of developmental psychology and individual differences research
    • Explain key issues in developmental psychology and individual differences research
    • Applying basic psychometrics for personality assessment
    The module will explore influence of culture, including Hofstede’s dimension of culture theory and application, as well as the influence of politics and power that affects behaviour of employees in an organisation. The module will also cover concepts of key motivational theories, to include content and process theories, as well as behavioural psychology aspects pertaining to emotional intelligence, soft skills and leadership. Students will also gain an understanding of basic team dynamics and teamwork for managing teams and conflict resolution. The module will also cover a range of topics in work psychology relating to the following areas like Attitudes &Behaviour in Organisations;Motivation, Teams &Teamwork Learning, Training &Development;Safety, Stress &Health at Work;Work Design &Performance, and Selection &Assessment.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Explore the aspects of culture, politics and power on employee behaviour in an organisational context
    • Demonstrate how to motivate individuals and accomplish goals, as part of behavioural psychology.
    • Understanding of team dynamics and Cooperation. Apply knowledge and critical awareness of theoretical approaches in work psychology to a range of work-based issues

    Who is this course for?

    The Diploma in Business Psychology is for those interested in pursuing a career in human resources. This course helps equip students that are keen on gaining a deeper insight into aspects of human analysis that will contribute towards enhancing employee performance and promoting skill development which in turn increases the scope for organisational growth and success.

    Career Progressions

    The course is for professionals who are looking to progress in their career as a Human Resources Specialist or for someone who is keen on acquiring a deeper understanding of the field that they are pursuing or are looking forward to pursue in the near future.

    Key Learnings

    What our students say


    Baboucarr Bojang

    MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics Management

    As a member of the Certified Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), I have attended several supply chain and
    Baboucarr Bojang
    As a member of the Certified Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), I have attended several supply chain and logistics management training, but my experience at Westford University College online is a memoir. The lecturers have extensive knowledge and make the learning experience engaging through interactive sessions and illustrations. The assessments have aided in combining extensive research with practical experience which can be shared in the workplace or everyday life. The team is available not only for local students but also for international students guiding them through their educational journey.   It has been an advantageous learning experience, for which I am grateful to the entire team at Westford.

    Dileeban Rajaratnam

    MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics Management

    I completed my UCAM – MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping, and Logistics Management from Westford University. I would want
    Dileeban Rajaratnam
    I completed my UCAM – MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping, and Logistics Management from Westford University. I would want to thank all of my professors, mentors, management, and Westford’s exceptional technical team for assisting me through the process of achieving the aim with maximum scores. I am confident that the information obtained from this, as well as the qualification, will propel my career to the next level.

    Bekithemba Mloyi

    MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics Management

    I completed my MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping, and Logistics Management at Westford University College, which I began while
    Bekithemba Mloyi
    I completed my MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping, and Logistics Management at Westford University College, which I began while the Covid 19 pandemic was wreaking havoc throughout the world. My time at Westford University College was remarkable because it increased my knowledge base through the world-class learning opportunities provided by all of my instructors, administration, and the Westfordians community. I leave Westford University College with my head held high, lifted by the knowledge, insights, grooming, and mentoring I received. I am confident that I am now prepared to take on new challenges and make a significant contribution to my community, country, and the world at large, thanks to Westford University College.

    Eva Baur

    UCAM - MBA in HR & Organizational Psychology

    I am studying the MBA in Human Resources and Organizational Psychology at Westford University College, and I am extremely
    Eva Baur
    I am studying the MBA in Human Resources and Organizational Psychology at Westford University College, and I am extremely delighted that I chose this 1-year online course. Coming from the manufacturing industry, I wanted an MBA that would enhance my expertise rather than replicate it. That’s why the idea of delving deeper into HR management piqued my interest, and the psychological component looked like a great add-on. At the same time, it provided me with the chance to refresh past knowledge, enhancing my studies with real-life experiences from my position as a C-suite executive. I am looking forward to completing this great program and would want to thank the whole Westford team for their assistance, patience, and advice during this journey.

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    Guglielmo Marconi University is a modern higher education institution, which aims to pursue the latest innovative training models, as well as building strong connections with the organizations at the forefront of advanced technologies. Being fully accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, it offers programs recognized at the European and extra-European level giving students the possibility to develop their international careers and succeed in a globalized job market.

    Marconi University Schools maintain the highest standard of program quality and innovation. Six separate schools provide a variety of graduate, doctoral and certificate programs, as well as multidisciplinary learning opportunities. The school aims to engage students in their educational journey, leveraging faculty expertise, and a collaborative learning environment that spurs critical thinking and creative skills. Marconi schools focus on research and innovation, creating interdisciplinary programs that respond to real-world issues and job demands. Their diverse academic community now boasts over 14000 students enrolled in graduate and postgraduate programs, over 300 faculty members, and an academic advising staff comprising of over 200 professionals.

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      Westford Mentorship Program

      Westford Mentorship Programme is a reciprocal learning opportunity between our MBA alumni currently in leadership roles in the industry and our day scholars who are pursuing their bachelor’s degree. This programme will allow the mentees to be coached by the mentors, who will share their professional experience, knowledge, and skills with the mentees to help them to achieve their career ambition. It all equates in giving back to the society by having a positive influence in the lives of young people, especially those who are looking for meaningful professions. The Program bridges the gap between academia and the workforce by providing students with an opportunity to engage with experts in their field of interest, ask insightful questions, and enhance their career exploration. Alumni mentoring programs have proven incredibly successful across the globe, however, it will be the first of its kind in the UAE.

      For Mentors

      Mentoring is a learning relationship between individuals focused on the mentee’s development and goals. As someone who has “been there before”, you will be able to assist current students in developing the confidence, knowledge and skills required to make a successful transition into industry. Mentoring is a great way to expand your professional network.

      For Mentees

      Students are encouraged to seek information and guidance from their mentor, and utilize the insight gained from learning about their mentor’s skills, experience, and knowledge to inform decisions about their future. They will also receive career guidance, networking opportunities, potential professional opportunities, and a chance to enhance their communication and career development skills.