Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership

Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership,

Awarded by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), UK

Certified Healthcare Management Professional,

Awarded by Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK

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    About Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership

    Program Highlights

    The Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership is a three-month course, comprised of two modules. Both modules are necessary to achieve this qualification. In order to pass each unit, the learner should follow all the conditions for the learning outcome. Each module has 20 credits and students can earn grades ranging from Distinction, Merit, Pass and Fail according to the quality of the work evaluated for the respective modules. The goal of the courses is to provide healthcare practitioners with the expertise and skills required to be an effective manager in the healthcare industry with an external perspective in healthcare management, analytical techniques and operations.

    About Certified Healthcare Management Professional

    This program, developed in collaboration with the Chartered Management Institute, facilitates professionals in earning a certification as a ‘Certified Healthcare Management Professional’ from the Chartered Management Institute in the UK. The program equips healthcare professionals with essential tools for effectively managing projects and operations in the intricate landscape of healthcare delivery. Additionally, it aims to foster leaders who can enhance healthcare institutions, ultimately ensuring the delivery of top-tier patient care. 

    Key Learnings


    This module is designed to introduce candidates to contemporary issues in Healthcare Management and the Leadership needed to succeed in the current marketplace. Candidates will learn about healthcare management and how this may challenge the organizational structure and leadership. On completion of this module, candidates will have developed strategies and good understanding of a robust financial management system using contemporary models, tools and techniques and will have applied their creative skills in a practical context.

    Understand the roles, relationships, and delivery models of HR managers in an organizational context.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand healthcare strategies and organisational behavioural aspects, specifically for the healthcare sector.
    • Understand healthcare quality, patient safety and prevention of medical errors.
    • Understand the quality of leadership required in the healthcare industry, and discuss various leadership styles and approaches available.
    • Acquire the essentials of good healthcare financial management principles.

    This module is designed to introduce candidates to health care delivery systems’ issues, primarily dealing with three fundamental concerns: patient access to care, quality and safety in the care process, cost of care, patient and staff satisfaction. Organizational development in the healthcare sector has to take into consideration all these vital aspects. Efficient management of hospital operations is critical to the hospital’s success. In this module, students will look at these issues, including improvement approaches that the discipline of healthcare management can offer. In doing that, different types of both clinical and non-clinical processes in hospital settings will have to be understood and analyzed. On completion of this module, candidates should have developed a good knowledge of conceptual pragmatic contemporary models, tools and techniques, which will improve the operational performance of a healthcare organization.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Critically analyze a healthcare organization’s culture and organizational behavior.
    • Conduct a review of change management in the health care delivery environment.
    • Evaluate the key measures used to assess healthcare systems and process performance.
    • Critically analyze and apply lean tools to improve healthcare processes. 

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      Who is this program for?
      A Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership is designed for healthcare professionals, administrators, and aspiring leaders in the healthcare industry who want to enhance their management and leadership skills. It provides essential knowledge and tools for effective healthcare management, preparing individuals to lead teams, improve healthcare processes, and navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. This program is suitable for those seeking career advancement, increased responsibility, and the ability to make a positive impact on healthcare organizations.
      Career Progression

      Upon completing a Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership, individuals can progress into higher-level management positions, take on increased responsibilities, and contribute to strategic decision-making in healthcare organizations. This may lead to opportunities for further professional development, leadership roles, and broader influence within the healthcare industry.

      Healthcare Administrator
      Department Manager
      Hospital Executive
      Healthcare Consultant
      Quality Improvement Manager
      Health Information Manager

      Partners and University

      About SQA

      The Scottish Qualifications Authority – SQA, sponsored by the Scottish Government’s Learning Directorate, has two primary roles: accreditation and qualifications. It accredits credentials other than degrees and approves and guarantees quality to notify bodies that intend to admit individuals for such qualifications. The awarding body, on the other hand, refers to the development and implementation, validation, evaluation, qualifications, and ensuring that they are up to date and that certificates are issued to candidates. Under these functions, the SQA provides a variety of services for companies and training providers, from training courses and central approvals to personalized awards, credit scores, and licensing services.

      Why SQA?

      About Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK

      The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) works with business and education to inspire people to become skilled, confident, and successful managers and leaders. Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. Over 100,000 managers use CMI’s unique services daily. Organizations like Jaguar, Landrover, Royal Bank of Scotland, Fujitsu, Allianz, Silverstone, Royal Air Force, London South Bank and Royal College of Physicians use Chartered Management Institute certifications for certifying their professionals.

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