Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership

Awarded by Scottish Qualifications Authority

The Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership is a three-month course, comprised of two modules. Both modules are necessary to achieve this qualification. In order to pass each unit, the learner should follow all the conditions for the learning outcome. Each module has 20 credits and students can earn grades ranging from Distinction, Merit, Pass and Fail according to the quality of the work evaluated for the respective modules. The goal of the courses is to provide healthcare practitioners with the expertise and skills required to be an effective manager in the healthcare industry with an external perspective in healthcare management, analytical techniques and operations.

Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership, SCQF level 11 is assessed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, Scotland’s National body for qualifications across the UK and internationally with varied organizations and Educational institutes to develop and deliver their qualifications and assessments.

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Delivery Model Course Duration Course Certified By Course level
Onsite /Online 12 Weeks SQA Level 11

Module 1: Healthcare Management and Leadership (HCML)

This module is designed to introduce candidates to contemporary issues in Healthcare Management and the Leadership needed to succeed in the current marketplace. Candidates will learn about healthcare management and how this may challenge the organizational structure and leadership. On completion of this module, candidates will have developed strategies and good understanding of a robust financial management system using contemporary models, tools and techniques and will have applied their creative skills in a practical context.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Evaluate health care strategies & organizational behavior in the healthcare sector.
  • Critically analyze health care quality, patient safety and prevention of medical errors.
  • Critically appraise different leadership styles and approaches in the healthcare industry.
  • Critically analyze the essentials of good healthcare financial management.

Module 2: Healthcare Operations Management(HCOM)

This module is designed to introduce candidates to health care delivery systems’ issues, primarily dealing with three fundamental concerns: patient access to care, quality and safety in the care process, cost of care, patient and staff satisfaction. Organizational development in the healthcare sector has to take into consideration all these vital aspects. Efficient management of hospital operations is critical to the hospital’s success. In this module, students will look at these issues, including improvement approaches that the discipline of healthcare management can offer. In doing that, different types of both clinical and non-clinical processes in hospital settings will have to be understood and analyzed. On completion of this module, candidates should have developed a good knowledge of conceptual pragmatic contemporary models, tools and techniques, which will improve the operational performance of a healthcare organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Critically analyze a healthcare organization’s culture and organizational behavior.
  • Conduct a review of change management in the health care delivery environment & apply it effectively to organizational development.
  • Evaluate the key measures used to assess healthcare systems and process performance.
  • Critically analyze and apply lean tools to improve healthcare processes.

Upon successful completion of your program, you are also eligible for attaining a certificate of ‘ Certified Healthcare Management Professional’ from Chartered Management Institute, UK. ’

This program provides healthcare professionals with the foundational tools to better lead projects and operations within the complex world of health care delivery. The program also aspires to cultivate leaders who will enrich healthcare institutions to provide the highest quality of patient care.

Modules :

 S.No  Modules
 1  Introduction to Healthcare Management
 2  Operations and Quality management for Healthcare Management
 3  Healthcare Project Management
 4  Regulation of Healthcare Delivery
 5  Effective Management & Leadership
 6 Information technology & Decision making in Healthcare

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand a Variety of Healthcare settings.
  • Analyze the Important issues in Healthcare Management.
  • Understand Ethics, Cost Management, Quality audits, procedures and quality control.
  • Analyze Healthcare project initiation to closing.
  • Understand Healthcare stakeholder management.
  • Apply Strategic planning and implementation.
  • Use Management Information Systems.
  • Analyze phases in Healthcare Project Management.
  • Learn Critical decision making.
  • Analyze the use of Artificial intelligence in Healthcare management.
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