Diploma in Operations and Project Management

Diploma in Operations and Project Management,

Awarded by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), UK

Certified Project Management Professional,

Awarded by Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK

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With the developing complexities in the management of businesses worldwide in the realm of Business, explore a world of opportunities and unlock the future with a Diploma in Operations and Project Management at Westford University College.

    About Diploma in Operations and Project Management

    Program Highlights

    The Diploma in Operations and Project Management equips learners with essential skills for success in both fields. Covering project management fundamentals, planning, and resource alignment, it emphasizes effective communication and stakeholder engagement. The program focuses on implementing and evaluating projects, understanding how operations management contributes to competitiveness, and exploring quality management and supply chain networks. Emphasizing practical application, learners will be able to design and implement projects. They will gain a holistic understanding, ready to contribute to organizational success through strategic project management, efficient operations, and informed decision-making in diverse industries.

    This Diploma is a three-month course, comprising two modules. Both modules are necessary to achieve this qualification.

    Key Learnings

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      The module is designed to equip learners with the essential skills and knowledge required for effective financial management and strategic decision-making in contemporary business environments. Participants will delve into key areas such as management control, financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the activities where finance and accounting departments play a pivotal role.

      Learning Outcomes:

      • Understand what a project is, the project life cycle, stakeholders and roles, challenges and the importance of project management.
      • Develop a project management plan and align critical resources for effective project implementation.
      • Employ effective project communication and stakeholder engagement management strategies.
      • Be able to implement and evaluate the project outcomes using measures.

      This module is designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of the principles, methodologies, and critical aspects involved in managing financial risks within the dynamic landscape of modern businesses. Participants will engage in critical discussions and analyses, exploring the building blocks of risk management, assessing how firms handle financial risk, discussing the governance of risk management, and critically analyzing models for valuing financial portfolios.
      Learning Outcomes:

      • Critically evaluate how operations management contributes to the competitiveness of an organization.
      • Critically evaluating the quality management process and supply chain networks contributes to achieving the overall strategic objectives of an organization.
      • Critically evaluate the information management/ systems of the operation management process.
      • Design a project plan for a given business scenario and implement a project.
      Who this course for?
      This course is suitable for individuals who apply project management skills and knowledge in their work environment, or who wish to move into a project leadership and management role. It caters to a diverse audience, providing valuable insights and practical skills applicable across various industries and organizational levels.
      Career Progression

      By completing this course, individuals position themselves for a dynamic and rewarding career path with the ability to make meaningful contributions to the organizations they are a part of. They can engage in roles requiring strategic planning and analysis, contributing to organizational success through informed decision-making. Graduates of the Diploma in Operations and Project Management can pursue various roles, including but not limited to:

      Project Manager or Coordinator
      Operations Manager
      Strategic Planning Analyst
      Quality Assurance Specialist
      Business Analyst
      Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner.

      About Sottish Qualifications Authority

      The Scottish Qualifications Authority – SQA, sponsored by the Scottish Government’s Learning Directorate, has two primary roles: accreditation and qualifications. It accredits credentials other than degrees and approves and guarantees quality to notify bodies that intend to admit individuals for such qualifications. The awarding body, on the other hand, refers to the development and implementation, validation, evaluation, qualifications, and ensuring that they are up to date and that certificates are issued to candidates. Under these functions, the SQA provides a variety of services for companies and training providers, from training courses and central approvals to personalized awards, credit scores, and licensing services.

      Why SQA?

      About Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK

      The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) works with businesses and educational institutions to inspire people to become skilled, confident, and successful managers and leaders.

      Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence.

      Over 100,000 managers use CMI’s unique services regularly. Organizations like Jaguar, Land Rover, Royal Bank of Scotland, Fujitsu, Allianz, Silverstone, Royal Air Force, London South Bank, and Royal College of Physicians amongst others use Chartered Management Institute certifications for certifying their professionals. 

      Why CMI?

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