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    A Diploma in Sports Management awarded by the Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy. The course to develop individuals as self-reflecting professionals able to meet the demands of employers in the sport sector and adapt to a constantly changing world. The qualifications aim to widen access to higher education and boost the career prospects of those who undertake them. The 3-month long course covers 3 essential modules which cover topics of: Sport Landscape, Sports Marketing, and Managing a sports program.

    Aim of the Program

    The course is designed in the manner to give individuals the opportunity to acquire relevant knowledge and hone skillsets using both theoretical and practical application. Diploma in Sports Management is for all sports enthusiasts, looking to get an edge over their competitors’, and to fine tune their skills in the region of sports business.


    The program consists of 3 Modules and will be delivered onsite.
    Sport policy, politics and development is an ever-changing area of sport which is crucial in understanding the current sporting landscape. In recent years, sport has become an increasingly common feature of government policies due to the willingness to use sport and physical activity as vehicles to achieve a range of objectives. As a result, sport continues to grow in cultural, social and political significance and the many interesting and complex motives for this will be explored in this unit.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Identify key policy stages and priority shifts in sport development.
    • Examine the structure, partnerships and funding of current sport policy
    • Illustrate the significance of sport as a political, social and cultural tool
    • Review mass participation and elite sport models, strategies and/or policies

    Marketing is all around us. We are exposed to this world from a very young age and have encounters with many marketers from the beginning of each day. From waking up to an alarm on an iPad to tuning into Nickelodeon, from showering with Dove body wash to breakfasting on Kellogg’s cereal and Tropicana orange juice, the day, from start to finish, is a vehicle for marketers to engage their audience. Their key objective is to create a strong relationship between organizations and their current and potential customers.

    The aim of this unit is to give students opportunities to develop an understanding of the key concepts and terminology used in marketing, as well as to provide the practical skills required in order to create a marketing campaign for a sports organization. It will provide knowledge and understanding of the role and function of marketing within sports organizations, exploring the core concepts surrounding the marketing mix, along with developing an understanding of how to apply these within the context of a sports organization.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Explore the role of marketing within a sports organization
    • Investigate the core principles of the marketing mix
    • Explain the role of digital marketing within the sports industry
    • Create a marketing communications campaign for a sports organization.

    The development of sport (creating pathways for participation and talent/elite development) and development through sport (using sport as a tool to achieve social outcomes) are now fundamental aspects of the organization and governance of sport around the world. Consequently, students wanting to work in sport need to understand what sport development programs are and how they can be managed, implemented and evaluated effectively.

    Sports development programs can be complex and have miscellaneous objectives. This unit, therefore, begins with assessing the different objectives, partnerships and funding of sports development programs. These often vary depending on the scope of the programs, and the organizations involved. Sport development programs can diverge from elite sport to youth and community sport, local disability sport to international development programs and, therefore, each program has unique objectives, partnerships and funding sources. The second outcome considers the contemporary issues and barriers often experienced when managing a sports program, and possible solutions to overcome these.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Assess the objectives, partnerships and funding of sports development programs
    • Conduct a community sports development program
    • Analyze contemporary issues and barriers for sports development programs
    • Review the community sports development program

    Who is this program for?

    Sports Management is a niche passion often pursued by individuals enthusiastic about starting or excelling in a career related to the field of sports. This diploma course serves as a pathway into the individuals’ dream career by equipping them with the knowledge and the skillset required. It serves as a good learning curve for those who are new to the industry and wish pursue higher education in the same, as well as for industry professionals looking forward to upskill and update their knowledge in the field.

    Career Progression

    Career opportunities in the sports industry are not limited to those with the athletic prowess; there is a wide range of positions in the field for non-athletes too. The Global sports industry today is is growing at a rapid pace, faster than any country’s GDP. An unexplored multi – million-dollar industry, houses career opportunities like no other. Multiple functional roles would be the requirement for most sporting organizations across the various sports:

    There is a pressing demand of individuals with a focused skill set, mainly due to the globalization in the industry. Keeping in mind the economic and commercial factors, changing distribution platforms in the delivery of a particular sport itself and the products supporting the game. Sport has now become a discipline of great interest to aspiring professionals for career advancements, but also to enthusiasts.

    We at Westford University College are heading toward offering the best in sports education, with competency-based programs from reputable accredited universities, providing a progressive learning environment, for students to be able to breakthrough stereotypes and do the extraordinary.

    Key Learnings

    What our students say


    Mahdi Toi Mohammad

    BSc (Hons) in Business with International Business, LJMU

    Westford University College has had a positive impact on my life in every way. I was nervous about the
    Mahdi Toi Mohammad
    Westford University College has had a positive impact on my life in every way. I was nervous about the new chapter of my academic life, but my wonderful classmates made it easier for me. The classes are participatory, and each professor has a unique teaching approach that is engaging and intriguing through discussions, presentations, and a variety of group activities. Along with my studies, I have participated in a variety of extracurricular activities such as dance competitions, football tournaments, and so on. I am delighted to be a part of such a wonderful community at Westford.

    Hanine Mazbouh

    MBA International, Canterbury Christ Church University

    When I initially started at CCCU International, I had a lot of doubts about the course quality, content, faculty,
    Hanine Mazbouh
    When I initially started at CCCU International, I had a lot of doubts about the course quality, content, faculty, professionalism, and benefit to me as a student. However, as I finish the program, all of my anxieties have been alleviated. My viewpoint, as well as my corporate discourse and analytical skills, had shifted as early as the first quarter. This was evident in my job applications and interactions. I was not sure if an MBA was for me, but after joining Westford, I realized I was just overthinking it. I was able to strike a work-study balance without feeling unproductive or inefficient. The classes were lively, and the instructor was approachable and eager to assist with knowledge and understanding. As I think about my journey, I am proud of the choices I have made.

    Baboucarr Bojang

    MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics Management

    As a member of the Certified Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), I have attended several supply chain and
    Baboucarr Bojang
    As a member of the Certified Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), I have attended several supply chain and logistics management training, but my experience at Westford University College online is a memoir. The lecturers have extensive knowledge and make the learning experience engaging through interactive sessions and illustrations. The assessments have aided in combining extensive research with practical experience which can be shared in the workplace or everyday life. The team is available not only for local students but also for international students guiding them through their educational journey.   It has been an advantageous learning experience, for which I am grateful to the entire team at Westford.

    Dileeban Rajaratnam

    MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics Management

    I completed my UCAM – MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping, and Logistics Management from Westford University. I would want
    Dileeban Rajaratnam
    I completed my UCAM – MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping, and Logistics Management from Westford University. I would want to thank all of my professors, mentors, management, and Westford’s exceptional technical team for assisting me through the process of achieving the aim with maximum scores. I am confident that the information obtained from this, as well as the qualification, will propel my career to the next level.

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    About Guglielmo Marconi University


    Guglielmo Marconi University is a modern higher education institution, which aims to pursue the latest innovative training models, as well as building strong connections with the organizations at the forefront of advanced technologies. Being fully accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, it offers programs recognized at the European and extra-European level giving students the possibility to develop their international careers and succeed in a globalized job market.

    Marconi University Schools maintain the highest standard of program quality and innovation. Six separate schools provide a variety of graduate, doctoral and certificate programs, as well as multidisciplinary learning opportunities. The school aims to engage students in their educational journey, leveraging faculty expertise, and a collaborative learning environment that spurs critical thinking and creative skills. Marconi schools focus on research and innovation, creating interdisciplinary programs that respond to real-world issues and job demands. Their diverse academic community now boasts over 14000 students enrolled in graduate and postgraduate programs, over 300 faculty members, and an academic advising staff comprising of over 200 professionals.

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      Westford Mentorship Programme is a reciprocal learning opportunity between our MBA alumni currently in leadership roles in the industry and our day scholars who are pursuing their bachelor’s degree. This programme will allow the mentees to be coached by the mentors, who will share their professional experience, knowledge, and skills with the mentees to help them to achieve their career ambition. It all equates in giving back to the society by having a positive influence in the lives of young people, especially those who are looking for meaningful professions. The Program bridges the gap between academia and the workforce by providing students with an opportunity to engage with experts in their field of interest, ask insightful questions, and enhance their career exploration. Alumni mentoring programs have proven incredibly successful across the globe, however, it will be the first of its kind in the UAE.

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      Mentoring is a learning relationship between individuals focused on the mentee’s development and goals. As someone who has “been there before”, you will be able to assist current students in developing the confidence, knowledge and skills required to make a successful transition into industry. Mentoring is a great way to expand your professional network.

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      Students are encouraged to seek information and guidance from their mentor, and utilize the insight gained from learning about their mentor’s skills, experience, and knowledge to inform decisions about their future. They will also receive career guidance, networking opportunities, potential professional opportunities, and a chance to enhance their communication and career development skills.