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Leadership and Management Development Program

Westford University College presents Executive Leadership Program in collaboration with University of California, Los Angeles Extension.

The program is tailored to address the challenges and accelerate the of growth of C-suite Leadership & Management Development Program, Senior Managers and Entrepreneurs who are the key players in shaping the success of an organization.

Today the world is moving at a breakneck speed, organizations have to keep up with the current com¬petitive environment and future trends in order to accomplish their vision. Participants in this program will be motivated to learn and unlearn some of the ways they have been functioning, in order to ensure that theirfirm is positioned for success and prepared to grow through change, uncertainty and complex team dynamics.

The program is an online journey of 6 months wherein each module comprises of minimum of 6 asyn¬chronous and 2 synchronous sessions delivered over the span of 6 weeks successively.

Key Courses includes:

  • Blockchain Business Applications
  • Organizational Communication
  • Leadership Communication Strategies
  • Project Risk and Procurement Management

Leader’s dexterity in effective decision making is of utmost importance and to ensure that, successful learning experience is equally important. This program has been developed by employing a sequential learning to ensure maximum realistic applicability ofthe acumen, framework and insights that leaders can take away.

Course designed & delivered by UCLA Extension instructors Program in collaboration by UCLA Extension includes :

  • Leadership & Management Development Program (Record of participation)
  • Official transcript with credits

Course Details


4 Units

What You Can Learn:

  • Explore current approaches and strategies to building communication flows through a diverse organization
  • Improve interpersonal skills, conflict resolution skills, and overall customer service
  • Maximize leadership and communication skills through applied practice both in the classroom and outside the classroom

About this course:

Designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and communicate in today’s highly diverse workplace, this course provides the most current approaches to communicating and motivating employees with culturally different expectations. The course covers improved interpersonal relationships, team productivity, and overall customer service. You also learn innovative practices specifically geared to today’s highly diverse workplace to resolve conflict. Maximize your leadership and communication skills and be ready to apply them immediately in the workplace and your personal life.


4 Units

What You Can Learn:

  • Learn the foundation to gaining a competitive advantage in the Blockchain space.
  • Gain an understanding of the competitive implications and business opportunities associated with how Blockchain is affecting global industries.
  • Identify the factors and principles that govern the planning, organizing, and man¬aging of a Blockchain based company or venture.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the global competitive landscape and core concepts of how Blockchain can affect a company’s future performance.

About this course:

This course lays the foundation to gaining competitive advantage in the Blockchain space by providing an understanding of the competitive implications and business opportunities associated with how Blockchain is affecting global industries such as finance, real estate, retail, healthcare, arts & entertainment, government, legal, food, energy, hospitality, education, insurance, and supply chain, among others. Through field experts, guest speakers, case studies, and a group project, the course aims to cover the factors and principles that govern the planning, organizing, and managing of a Blockchain based company or venture. Topics and group projects focus on discussing and understanding how Blockchain will change the way we think about money, disrupt the role central banks have in conducting monetary policy, and eliminate high-cost money transfer services and transactions costs imposed by cur¬rent intermediaries. In addition to addressing the disruption in current financial markets, the course aims to uncover near-term business opportunities to bring value to society and increase social inclusion through eliminating the time consuming and expensive notary and escrow services, shrink the settlement time of financial contracts, and transform the landscape of legal contracts and procedures. Stu-dents should leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of the global competitive landscape and core concepts of how Blockchain can affect a company’s future performance.


4 Units

What You Can Learn:

  • Overview basic communication skills such as listening, self-disclosure, and meth¬ods of expression
  • Dive into more advanced skills such as nonverbal communication, influencing be¬haviors, and addressing hidden agendas
  • Practice conflict management skills, assertiveness, and responding to criticism

About this course:

This course is designed to improve interpersonal behaviors and communication skills for those in leadership roles with the goal of improving relationships, productivity, and the quality of work. Topics include a review of basic communication skills: listening, self-disclosure, and methods of expression; more advanced skills: nonverbal communication, influencing behaviors, addressing hidden agendas, and male/female communication in the workplace; conflict management skills; assertiveness; and responding to criticism.


4 Units

What You Can Learn:

  • Gain proficiency in project risk and procurement management theories and applications.
  • Apply project risk and procurement management skills to real life and work situations.
  • Integrate the knowledge of risk and procurement management into the overall schema of Project.
  • Management and identify inter-dependencies
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge on the fundamental key concepts, terminologies, tools and techniques that prevail in the risk and procurement management fields.

About this course:

Explore causes of risk on your projects and examine impacts by the triple constraint, workforce, and vendors. Learn to apply optimized risk response strategies for suc¬cessful execution and completion of your projects. Minimize risk impacts from pro¬curement processes, and sharpen your negotiation tactics to ultimately sign win-win agreements with qualified contractors. This course will help you gain knowledge towards the PMP° Exam by PMI° and qualifies for the required 35 Con¬tact Hours or PDU’s to apply for or maintain an existing PMP° certification.

About UCLA Extension

Westford University College has collaborated with University of California, Los Angeles Extension to provide an outstanding Online Executive Leadership Program for the industry players of today.

University of California Los Angeles, (UCLA) U.S.A, was established in 1919 with just a two-year teacher training program to currently offering more than 3,900 courses in 109 academic departments with 125 majors; UCLA has proved its excellence consistently in providing high-quality education to its learners.

The optimistic and can-do attitude of UCLA has awarded the institution with 24 Nobel Laureates, 14 Faculty MacArthur Fellows, and more than 140 companies being created based on technology developed at UCLA.

UCLA’s ambition and vision to transform lives, businesses, and communities worldwide, resulted in the UCLA Extension. It was established as a continuing education institution that offers an in-depth study in a professional field. The coursework provided in this program has been carefully developed through the firsthand experience of industry experts that beautifully integrates and tailors the course to marry theories and real-world practices to make more sense of the real world and provide an individual the knowledge required in a shorter span of time compared to the long traditional postgraduate degrees.

UCLA Extension combines top-tier academics with practical re¬al-world applications. With online learning through UCLA Extension, learners can upgrade their current skills or explore an entirely new area of interest with flexibility and convenience.

Resonating with the vision of supporting Entrepreneurs, C -Suite Executives, Managers, Leaders and Learners, Westford University College in collaboration with UCLA Extension introduces the prestigious “Leadership & Management Development Program”! From BlockChain Business Applications to Organizational Communication, the Leadership & Management Development Program offers an innovative, result driven, engaging, and challenging learning experience.

About Gloxed

Gloxed – Global Executive Education (GloxEd) is an entity of West¬ford University College (WUC). Aimed to bring in top executive programs for today’s leaders, industry experts and change makers. Global Executive Education is one step ahead of its times and has showcased how WUC believes in being a pioneer in every way through preserving the impossibility and, turning futile into attainable goals for the people that also want to grow in their respective industries.
Westford, stands strong with years of undisputable success in online and onsite education. With well planned & organized E-in¬frastructure coupled with contemporary training methods achieved over 10 years period powered by contextualized and personalized E-learning experience gives Westford an edge over its younger E-universities. By association GloxEd brings in these expertise to the advantage of the executive learners.

In this competitive leg of technological upgradation, Gloxed is prepared with critical innovation technology and effective gov¬ernance from management to successfully contribute to the up¬graded academic sector, remaining agile, innovative and pro-g ressive.

Global Executive Education, in its flagship program is partnering with UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) Extension, called “Leadership & Management Development Program”.

Our unique approach to design this program is to equip and em¬power the leaders to create a transformative change within the organization. The Online Leadership & Management Develop¬ment Program caters to the C-Suite Leaders, Top-level managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and thought leaders that are striving to drive organizational success in a disruptive economy and beyond.

The highlight of the leadership program is that it has looked at the industry trends up close in order to understand the current market situation, corporate challenges and global business envi¬ronment, leading to a program that in its core is designed to ac¬celerate growth, awake transformation and empower individuals to become effective I eaders. The program is delivered through a perfect blend of practical, theoretical and experiential learning.

‘Gloxed’ aims to provide a successful career growth trajectory to every participant, who are committed to lead the way forward with innovation, differentiation and transformation

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