Links with the Industry

Westford University College prides itself in having a strong industrial relationship with the Corporate and Educational Institutes around the world. We believe links with the industry gives our students a strong competitive edge and broadens the student’s opportunities to excel.

International Collaboration

Westford has multiple partnerships and collaborations outstanding academic and other institutions across the globe to expand the student experience, faculty growth and contributions, and add to the impact of our research.

Industry Visits

Industry visits play an important role at Westford University College. Students are taken for industry visits around UAE where they interact with the company people and have a first-hand experience of how a corporate entity actually works. The crucial purpose behind this programme is to accustom students to the industrial practices and the workings of the corporate world. Students are exposed to practical situations and events in companies thereby honing their corporate skills and industry understanding.

Day with CEO

Day with a CEO is designed to uncover promising future leaders and give them an opportunity to walk in the shoes of a senior business leader. By spending a day with the CEO, students learn the level of responsibility and the complexities required for today’s leading executives while also getting a feel for how these leaders create value in their organizations. It is also an opportunity for CEOs to connect with and better understand what drives the next generation.

Corporate Educational Tie Up

Westford University College is an educational provider for multiple corporate entities within the region. We provide better financial support and flexible learning hours for the employees of this partner companies. Such collaborations benefits the employees to complete their higher education without compromising the work life balance.

Westford Internship Program (WIP)

College students need to balance work, friends, family, and assignments. It can be easy to overlook the importance of getting great internship experience. However, in today’s competitive world, it is crucial that students make an internship a top priority. If a relevant internship is mentioned on the resume, it will give the students a competitive advantage over all the candidates applying for the same position. Through the Westford Internship Program, students can apply to short-term or long-term internship opportunities that is available to westfordians as a result of our strong corporate tie up with various companies in UAE.

Westford Placement Support (WPS)

Placement plays a crucial role in a student’s life after graduation. Westford aims to provide placement support by locating job opportunities for Under Graduates and Post Graduates. With our industry tie up, we can help to identify companies that are hiring and arrange interview opportunities for our students to benefit. Westford Placement Support, will also provide trainings to develop communication skills, interview skills and resume writing.