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One Year MBA Programs in Ghana

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Ghana’s economy experiences a sustained expansion. World Bank estimates the annual Gross Domestic Product of Ghana is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7% in 2019. Ghanaian economy is predicted to be the world’s fastest growing economy in 2019, according to International Monetary Fund. The services sector-the largest sector of Ghanaian economy-accounting for 52% of their GDP.

Specifically, the services sector expands faster, at annual rate of 8%, than its relative economic growth. GDP in Ghana is projected to be around 66.00 Billion USD by the end of this quarter. Nearly 70% of Ghana’s GDP and 85% of its employment opportunities come from small and medium businesses.

Econometric model represents Ghanaian economy

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Ghana’s Dream: Fixing Education

What Ghana needs to do to compete in todays’ globalised business environment? Everyone agrees the heart of the matter is education. Ghana’s roadmap- known as vision for 2020- reveals the need for their citizens to pursue competitive knowledge base, and improve productivity and efficiency across varies business sectors. According to World Bank report published in 2018, Ghana has been outsmarting the other African countries in terms of GDP due their-knowledge workers-advantages reflected upon the SMEs.

As the Ghanaian economy blooms, it demands creativity, innovations and business transformation from the local knowledge workers. The strategic importance of knowledge workers to prosper Ghanaian economic growth is already acknowledged. A report published by WENR in 2018, reveals that 48% graduates and 45% of undergraduate students migrated to USA for perusing liberal and entrepreneurial education. This phenomenon indicates the sheer commitment of Ghana’s knowledge workers, potentially the future entrepreneurs. However, perusing quality education in USA is viewed as a forgone opportunity to larger percentage of local citizens. What they should do in order to grab golden opportunities? Is UAE can be viewed as a prosperous option instead of USA?

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Number of Ghanaian students in US

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Global Demand For Online MBA

The demand for gaining renowned MBA programmes has been on the raise as the globalised businesses have become increasingly demanding. In this context, Ghana cannot be an exception. However, there is a shortage of Qualified Knowledge-Workers, specifically across SMEs, though their current economic condition demand and favour them.

Working executives in Ghana want to gain an MBA program either through online or via blended approach in order to coupe up with their nature of work. Relocating to a foreign country with the motive of pursuing full-time education is not always a feasible choice for the larger percentage of population in Ghana. Thus, an online MBA programme would ideally best-fit the Ghanaian knowledge workers.

Westford University College offers wide range of UK accredited MBA programme, which enable busy executive to acquire knowledge, refine core-skills and apply theoretical models to resolve practical business problem. Universities-UK in 2018 indicates that the foreign students choose UK based Masters Programmes primarily due to global exposure, and relative employability. The potential employability of UK based graduates is very likely to be higher in the African region. Ghana’s roadmap- known as vision for 2020- reveals that Ghanaian would consider gaining master’s programme, with the utmost priority, to develop their existing knowledge base to the next level. The USA report on Ghana indicates that the 43% of the graduates and 45% of the undergraduates at least will move to foreign countries to develop advantages for their careers in 2019.


Westford University College (WUC) is a mature, energetic and ambitious University College based in United Arab Emirates. The college offers wide range of Business Management Programmes, which are validated by UK-based Universities. WUC also has special tie-up with other universities in Europe such as UCAM and GMU for selective programmes.

The WUC spectrum enables the executives to be specialised on Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management, Health Care Management, HR & Psychology, Sales & Marketing, International Business Management and Financial Management and Information Technology.

Choosing between universities can be arguably tougher than what it may seems. However, there are the five sincere reasons-why you want to study at WUC.

VALUE FOR MONEY PROPOSITIONS: Westford University College (WUC) positions itself as a value for money player of the Education Industry in UAE. Obviously, AFFORDABILITY is a critical factor to pursue an international educational qualification. WUC enables corporate leaders, working executive and the ambitious students to develop, and transform their existing knowledge base to the next level. WUCs’ value proposition facilitates mature adults to afford education at a very competitive price. Meaning, the course delivery aims relevant, quality and inclusive education via collaborative learning.

BLENDED APPROACH: Blended Approach is a vital feature of WUC’s courses. WUC’s courses adapt blended approach in order to place the flexible learning as the centric emphasis. A typical master’s program (onsite) comprises of face to face lecture, course material and dedicated assignment brief. However, the very master program can be perused via online, through distance learning mode and obviously on part time basis. This phenomenon has certainly re-defined the traditional role of education and also has enhanced various opportunities for learning education.

GAIN WORK LIFE BALANCE WHILE PURSUING EDUCATION:  WUC’s courses are designed to cater working, busy and mature professionals. We enable you to spend limited but quality time on your education while leveraging work-life balance. This belief permits education accessible to diverse segments of working and non-working class.

RESEARCH FOCUS:  The range of research activities performed at WUC is broad, relevant and deep. Our dedicated faculties conduct research almost in every field, and ensure they develop the current state of knowledge to the next level via insight, analysis and novelty. We believe research is the only credible channel which produces latest business ideas, and foster global mind-set for the business leaders to be competitive in the global business arena. We attempt to create various research opportunities for WUC’s students, enable them to find long-term employment and empower them to become future business leaders of the knowledge based economies in their regions.

GLOBAL VALIDITY FOR YOUR QUALIFICATIONS:  WUC’s qualifications are validated by accredited universities based in UK and Europe, hence the recognition. Employers across various industries specifically in Middle East and Africa recognise WUC’s qualifications ease. Thus WUC’s qualifications can be viewed as an asset for long term and skill based migrant employment.

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