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One Year Executive MBA Programs in India

Online | Part-time | Distance Learning

India’s online education market stood at USD 0.25 as of 2016. This market is expected to reach USD 1.96 billion by 2021. This growth was estimated to have had witnessed an 8x growth over the estimated five years phenomenally characterized by the increased number of paid users online. The 1.6 million users as of 2016 are estimated to grow to 9.6 million users in 2021.

India’s fast growing Online Education market is significantly driven by two categories. India’s Re-skilling/Up-Skilling & Online Certification category is largely dominated by skilled and technical users looking to turbo-boost their careers with specialized but fast courses.

India’s Higher Education category is most dominated by users who opt for an Online, Part-time or Distance Learning MBA program to quicken their employability chances. Both these categories are promising and lucrative as they are expected to grow significantly owing to the few market and user characteristics as elaborated below:

A low cost alternative:

It is only due to the lower infrastructure and large student base that leverage is economy is a scale and hence reduces prices studies have indicated that online courses are around 53% cheaper than offline alternatives

Value for Money

With enhanced experience and support given through online platforms, iterative and value added services that enhance conceptual and theoretical learning, real world application through, gamification and student engagement programs- online educations is value of money.

Flexibility: Anytime, Anywhere

Online courses comes with a prime-perk of convenience of time and proximity which allows online learners to access the course content at their ease not confining them to the a physical setting.

India’s much increased consumption of electronic devices like mobile phones in laptop have indicated the way users prefer customization of online MBA courses with seamless user experience across devices this also corresponds to the requirement of flexibility as discussed above

Westford University College’s Online options cater to all the requirements. Considering the trends in the Indian market as illustrated below our Online, Part-time and Distance Learning MBA programs are particularly designed keeping in mind the niche demands and requirements of the Indian corporate world as well as the expectation of an average Indian who is looking to boost his career.

Our specialized one year executive MBA programs in India comprises of specializations offered within

  • Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • HR and Psychology
  • International Business Management
  • Financial Management and
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Information Technology

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