Management Information System

Awarded By: GAU

Awarding Body

Girne American University


120 ECTS Credits


12 Months

Delivery Mode

Onsite / Online

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MBA in Management Information System (MIS)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management Information System (MIS) enables the learners to explore the interfaces and the connections between business, technology and information exchanges. This programme is specifically designed for the professionals who wish to use information systems to resolve demanding business problems, institutionalize data-driven decision making and constantly improve organisational processes.

This course provides students about the key development in information transformation, develop a thorough insight of finance and risk management, sheds light on the integration capabilities of information system and delves into the importance of intelligent database management. This course prepares the students to confidently face the contemporary challenges encounter by the digitally connected organisation, transform their ability to resolve the big business problem using information system and develop necessary domain knowledge in the global context. Simply the course offers technical and managerial knowledge on the information system, closely associated technologies, applicable data models and information transformation capabilities demanded by the age of globalization.

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About Girne American University (GAU)

GAU was founded in 1985 and has grown from its humble beginnings with just seven students to being the 20,000 strong universities, that it is today 33 years later. From its very inception, GAU has maintained close contractual ties with universities in North America and Europe. GAU was one of the first universities in Cyprus to receive recognition from YOK (Turkish Higher Education Council). This was followed by recognition from YODAK (Higher Education Council of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). These required national accreditations followed by several program accreditations and international recognitions.

Throughout its 33-year history, GAU has sought to optimize its use of the latest technology and teaching methods. Apart from having the highest Ph.D. to student ratio, they also have the highest computer to student ratio. For the past five years, the GAU library has been at the forefront of the revolution in library science; the implementation of digital library resources. Many classes now include PowerPoint presentations and MP-4 download versions of the lectures. The entire campus and all dormitories have Wi-Fi throughout. GAU TV and Radio also broadcast selected lectures and seminars for students and faculty viewing.

GAU is continuing its global activities at an incredible pace today considering its founding mission. As a member of the Universal Education Group and the American Education Consortium, GAU is moving firmly in achieving its targets while heading towards its 50th year in education.


MIS programme aims to

  • Provide learners with the comprehensive and technical knowledge required to confidently participate, increasingly apply the philosophy of information system and leverage its usage for organisational decision-making purposes.
  • Apply rigorous management information concepts and principles in the development and operations of information system in organisations.
  • Impart knowledge on the contemporary challenges, risk and issues in the field of information systems.
  • Enables the students to conceptualize, design-develop and manage specification of various management information systems to cater to complex information system needs.
  • Effectively apply technical concepts in information system architecture and advanced database management systems.

Program Structure

The MBA program is structured to have 13 modules with a total of 120 credits. 10 modules are core modules and common to the MBA programs, 3 modules are the specialization modules of each program. Below are the details of the Core and Specialization modules.

MBA – Core Modules

S.No Module Name ECTS
 1 Human Resource Management & Leadership   8
 2 Sustainable Business   8
 3 Finance for Business Leaders   8
 4 Strategic Management   8
 5 Socio-economic and Legal framework   8
 6 Operations Management   8
 7 Organizational Psychology   8
 8 International Marketing Management   8
 9 Introduction to Analytics for Business   8
 10 Research Methods   8

Management Information System – Specialization Modules

 S.No Specialization Module Names  ECTS
 1 Finance and Risk Management   8
 2 Information Analysis & System Design   8
 3 Advanced Database Management Systems   24

Program Delivery

The program is designed to be delivered through a blended learning methodology. It will primarily be delivered online, with 2 live sessions for each module. Pre-recorded videos and reading contents will be available for the students to further their learning and understanding. The specialization modules will be delivered through prerecorded videos and one e – meeting.

Career Progression

Management information systems professionals are highly demanded in every business industries. MBA holders of the MIS programme pursue career opportunities across various business sectors of distinct roles that specialize in information system, information management and computer-based resources. Comparatively, specializing in the information system is one of the toughest areas for organisations to find qualified professionals and fill demanding positions. As stated, increasing demand for MIS professionals creates unique and advanced career opportunities but not limited to,

  • Information System Development and Management- Information system manager Information system analyst and technical business analyst
  • Database Management- database analyst and database designer.
  • Top Information System Executive – Data scientist and system outsourcing.
  • Information System Administration- Information system controller and infrastructure manager.
  • Search Management Executive – search engine optimisation specialist and search marketing strategist.

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