What you can expect

The open day presents an extraordinary chance for prospective students and professionals to engage with the delegates from Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU) and Westford University College (WUC). Immerse yourself in an introductory session where the representatives will provide valuable insights into the institutions and their partnership. Explore the dynamic program offerings and gain a deeper understanding of the academic journey at CMU and WUC. As an added bonus, current Westford students will be present to share their personal experiences and offer valuable advice to the attendees. This interactive platform encourages attendees to actively participate, ask questions, and seek clarification on any doubts they may have regarding the university or the program. The knowledgeable delegates will be readily available to address queries and provide additional information, ensuring that prospective students and their families have all the necessary details to make informed decisions about their higher education journey. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to connect with esteemed educational institutions and explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

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    University Delegate

    Dr Mukul Madahar

    Associate Dean (International),
    Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU)

    Dr Mukul Madahar is the Associate Dean Partnerships at Cardiff Metropolitan University, responsible for internationalization strategy and leading the TNE portfolio. He has industry experience and was previously involved with the MBA program. Mukul is associated with INFORMS, EuSpRIG, AIS, CMI, and is a Fellow of the HEA.

    Event Time

    Who should attend

    The open day for the MBA International program is designed for professionals interested in pursuing a global business-focused MBA. It welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds seeking to enhance their knowledge and career prospects in international business. Attendees will connect with representatives from the program, gain insights into the curriculum and program structure, and have the opportunity to engage with faculty, industry experts, and current students. The event is suitable for those with questions about admissions, entry criteria, application process, and financial considerations. Whether you’re an experienced professional, entrepreneur, or aspiring business leader, the open day provides valuable information for decision-making.

    Why CMU?

    • The Cardiff Metropolitan University was named Welsh University of the Year in 2021, recognizing its excellence in teaching quality and student experience.
    • It has an established international reputation for the provision of professional and vocational courses.
    • The university has close links with over 5000 employers which ensures that all programs are industry focused.
    • 96 per cent of university graduates are in further study or employment after their graduation.
    To know more about CMU visit: Our Partners page