MSc Digital Marketing and e-Business

MSc Digital Marketing and e-Business,
Awarded by Abertay University, Scotland

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    About MSc. Digital Marketing and e-Business

    Program Highlights

    The MSc in Digital Marketing and e-Business offered at Westford University College in partnership with Abertay University, UK is credentialed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The curriculum is intended to provide learners with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the ever-changing world of strategic digital marketing and commerce.

    It takes an interactive, learner-centred approach, helping students to concentrate on specific areas of interest while also going on a broader investigation of the concepts required of a modern marketing professional. This combination of specialized and general knowledge will improve the learner’s ability to function well in a variety of senior jobs. Learners will gain a thorough grasp of best practices across multiple digital platforms while learning from highly skilled staff and executing a mix of local, national, and global enterprises.

    Learners will be able to implement strategic marketing and e-business plans across numerous digital channels after completing the program. They will be able to successfully manage global marketing and business teams by applying insights into the global nature of digital marketing and e-commerce. They will also be able to critically analyze the global digital marketing environment and make evidence-based strategic decisions, as well as manage clients, consumers, and stakeholders in the creation of marketing and e-business plans across many platforms.

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      The program will be offered completely in Online synchronous learning.

      To be awarded MSc Digital Marketing and e-Business, the learner is required to complete all the modules listed below:

      The module helps to foster successful entrepreneurial, inventive, and leadership attitudes. It will provide learners with the chance to investigate modern theories, important entrepreneurial concepts, and creative organizational environments in a range of scenarios. Learners will investigate the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and characteristics for success.

      Creating usable data for decision-making is a challenge that necessitates consideration of several elements. To do so, you must first grasp the question being asked, followed by the facts that you have. Do you have all of the information you require? If not, how will you discover it? How are you going to clean it? How will you process and display it such that the decision-maker benefits? This module will address all of the learners’ technical concerns.

      Through interactive participation with case studies and critical discourse of a variety of digital marketing materials, this module strengthens the learner’s knowledge and engagement with the principles and practice of digital marketing communications and branding.

      This module broadens students’ understanding of customer behaviour and experience management. This will entail the student conducting an in-depth examination of digital consumer behaviour and how it relates to the development of experience strategy.

      Managing a project is analogous to running a micro-organization. Handling finances, managing people, leading change, analyzing and addressing risk, working with contractors, managing stakeholder expectations, and monitoring all areas of the project are all included. In this module, learners will utilize a variety of tools and approaches to better comprehend the developments in a project and build a high-quality product, service, or process that is delivered on time, under budget, and according to specifications. Learners will apply their expertise to a project in their field.

      This session gives learners the chance to shape the project they’ll work on in the capstone module, Management Investigation. Learners will have learnt numerous techniques towards conducting a research study in the business research methodology module, and these skills will assist them in developing a viable proposal for the management investigation.

      This is a Master’s program capstone module connected to the learner’s professional background or an area of interest developed during your MSc. This module allows them to enhance their expertise in a chosen subject by engaging in either an industry consultation or a typical research dissertation.

      This module is designed to introduce postgraduate learners to business research methods and statistical analysis. Theoretical, historical and statistical concepts are taught in lectures with hands-on practical lab sessions using quantitative or/and qualitative techniques that allow students to put theory into practice.

      This module enables learners to gain an in-depth understanding of and critically evaluate contemporary issues in marketing, from a theoretical and practical perspective. They will apply their knowledge by developing a solution drawing on the current developments and issues explored in this module.

      About Abertay University

      Abertay University, formerly the University of Abertay Dundee, is a public university in the city of Dundee, Scotland. Abertay is a modern, friendly university in the heart of Dundee, Scotland, with a strong focus on teaching and preparing its graduates for the world of work, combined with excellence in research and knowledge exchange.  With roots going back to 1888, Abertay has always responded to the needs of industry, supplying a pipeline of graduate talent to work, lead and innovate across a wide range of sectors.  Abertay University prides itself in offering an inclusive, friendly, and welcoming environment for our students and staff alongside first-rate teaching and excellent student experience. An ambitious, forward-thinking institution, it offers degree programmes to prepare students for careers in the modern world. Graduates have gone on to work for organisations including Apple, Google, BBC, Rockstar, Microsoft, Barclays Bank, and Coca-Cola, as well as the NHS and government departments.

      Achievements of Abertay University:

      Upon completion of the program, learners will receive up to 180 credits and the MSc Digital Marketing and e-Business certificate from Abertay University, UK

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