The Westford Communique’ symbolizes a journey to capture the several events, activities, and milestones achieved while serving as a constant connect between students currently studying with the University, and the growing alumni representing over 116 nationalities globally. The vision of ‘The Westford Communique’ is to connect knowledge, create inspiration and build a legacy of excellence through exchange of creative ideas, ground-breaking thoughts and fresh perspectives. In order to bring this vision to life it will be accepting contributions from students and faculty members on a variety of subjects and topics. This would shape the overall value of the newsletter, while the mission shall remain centered around promoting and encouraging leadership capabilities in creating a community of thinkers and socially responsible citizens. We are a vibrant and growing community of creative and intuitive thinkers, and would like to keep this platform open for industry leaders, knowledge and subject matter specialists to share their insights and perspectives on a motley of topics.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board at Westford University College shall remain an active board striving to serve as an important interface between the college and the student community, that shall bring across monthly updates and information on areas impacting education, industry, global economy and our response to stay ahead in challenging times. It would be our constant endeavor to seek active volunteers from current students and alumni to serve as ‘ambassadors’ on the Westford University Editorial Board, while providing content in their field of domain/ expertise or interest.

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