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Our portfolios of professional qualifications are designed to empower individuals not merely as a resume enhancer but shall act as a prerequisite for advancement in their career, both work and academic. Our professional qualifications are relevant to the changing needs of the global industry and cover various domains such as Business & Management, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Supply chain and Logistics Management, Procurement, Engineering Management, Strategic Management, Health Care Management, and Project Management. Our qualifications can be acquired through flexible study – without leaving your job or interrupting your career from anywhere in the world. Because our qualifications are developed to meet industry needs, they will provide you with the practical skills that can help you to progress and make a significant mark in your career.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which professionals maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities and competencies required in their working lives. Westford Professional Courses offers the learners a Continuing Professional Development in the domain of their current job or for their dream career.

Westford Diploma’s and PG Diploma’s ensure that further learning is progressed in a structured, practical and relevant way to guarantee that there are applied efficiencies in learning. it allows an individual to focus on what specific skills and knowledge they require over a short-term period, in order to be confident there is a recognisable improvement in their proficiency and skill sets.

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