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Guglielmo Marconi University

Course Duration

10 Weeks.

Delivery Model


Course Level

7 (PG)

PG Diploma in Engineering Management

Awarded by Guglielmo Marconi University, Italy

This course in Engineering Management, with a core management curriculum covering a variety of technical aspects, provides beginners as well as experienced engineers with a tech-savvy alternative capsule of a management degree, thereby equipping engineering and science graduates/professionals to become future industry leaders.

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Course Content

Module One: Engineering Management

The purpose of this module is to enable engineers, technical specialists, and business professionals to lead projects and programs to take on leadership roles in a technology-based business. It also provides an opportunity for learners to learn and study the challenges of fast-growing markets in the technical and business sector.

Module two: Engineering Optimisation and Total Quality Management

This module is intended to give learners many opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge in Engineering Optimization with the latest trends in technology and management. It provides a deeper insight into entrepreneurship, research and development, and business optimisation in engineering operations, products, and services. In addition, it involves learners in key concepts, theories and models of quality management and industry operations and their strategic importance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand organizational structure and its innovative approaches in delivering engineering services
  • Understand the impact of engineering management within manufacturing and services industry.
  • Understand the challenges associated with the management of engineering functions and processes and consider how to build a workforce that supports innovation in the delivery of engineering services.
  • Understand the key contributions of leadership and innovation within the industry.
  • Understand the role of HR management to attract, develop and retain talented engineers.
  • Understand the significance of strategy formulation and implementation in the evolving and
    highly competitive engineering industry.
  • Understand the concepts and application of marketing management within the engineering
  • Understand Porters Five Force Model and be able to develop strategies using the concept.
  • Evaluate segmentation, targeting and positioning of engineering products and services.
  • Understand the supply chain management process in the manufacturing and service
  • Understand the process of innovation, management, and protection of R&D in the
    management of technology-driven engineering projects.
  • Understand the role of decision making and risk and uncertainty appraisals in Engineering Entrepreneurship and commercialisation of technology
  • Analyse the role of technology audit, technology transfers and global technology strategies in the wider context of delivering engineering products and services.
  • Understand current theories, concepts and models that apply to the field of quality and operations management.
  • Understand quality management planning and processes from a strategic perspective.
  • Understand the relevance and application of total quality management in delivering
    engineering services.

Intended Audience

PG Engineering Management Degree is suitable for learners with a degree in Engineering and want to learn more about the management side of the business. You could be an experienced engineer or just starting a career as an engineer. These programs will teach you many domains of management and how they can be related to engineering operations.

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